Number 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture, which would imply that 88 would be twice as lucky. Therefore, it is not surprising that there’s a Chinese themed game named 88 Fortunes. Fortunately, the 88 Fortunes RTP isn’t 88%, it is quite higher at 96%. This game is available at Secret slots, and if you like to know more about it, check our detailed review of 88 Fortunes. Here, we will talk a bit more about 88 Fortunes RTP, and what RTP means in general.

88 Fortunes RTP Explained

The mere fact that the 88 Fortunes RTP is 96%, doesn’t tell us much if we don’t know what the average RTP percentage is, or if we don’t know what RTP means at all. Therefore, we need to put things into perspective.

The RTP tells you how much of the money that has been wagered by players is returned back to them as winnings. So, basically the RTP gives you the house margin, i.e. it tells you how favourable a game is. The margin, or the house edge is also expressed in percent, and this figure is obtained when you minus the RTP from 100%. So, in the case where the percentage is 96, as with 88 Fortunes RTP which is 96%, the house edge would be 4%.

If we take that percentage and make a calculation for an amount of £100, it would show that the house would earn £4 from the total amount. However, that is not always the case in practice, as the RTP is theoretical, it is a long term calculation, it is based on a simulation which calculates the return rate on millions of spins, so you can’t expect a session with 100, or even 200 spins to match the theoretical RTP as calculated by the provider and the independent organisations that test the casino software.

88 Fortunes RTP

How RTP Works

As there are hundreds of online slots, and new games are released on a regular basis, providers aim to offer games that have a decent RTP rate that’s at least not lower than the standard. Considering that 95% is the average RTP, we can say that 88 Fortunes RTP offers a fair RTP, which gives you a chance of winning. Of course, we concluded above that based on the theoretical RTP you could expect £96 from £100, but we also concluded that that’s not how RTP works.

Every player hopes that they will manage to win more than what they have wagered, preferably a larger sum of money and a higher RTP means that you will have higher winning chances. Slot producers are free to set the RTP for their game that RTP cannot be altered, every casino which offers the game offers it at the same RTP level. So, if you’re looking to play 88 Fortunes at Secret Slots, you will get to play the game at the standard RTP level which is 96%.

Casinos often hire independent bodies that test their software and confirm that the RTP percentages are the ones that are stated. Secret Slots cooperates with eCOGRA, the world’s leading online casino software testing agency.

If you’re looking to play 88 Fortunes and find out in practice how the game works, register with Secret Slots and claim your bonus!

Slot Details

  • Software Bally
  • Paylines 243
  • Reels 5
  • Min Coins Per Line 0.08
  • Max Coins Per Line 88.00
  • Jackpot x88
  • RTP 95,93%
  • Free Spins Yes