The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world, where you can find a lot of unique and rare species, but its trademark, its most recognisable representative is the Amazonian woman warrior, a fearless mythical godlike lady who is willing to defend her home and her habitat at all costs. Amazon Queen slot by Williams Interactive (WMS), a slot developer that is part of Scientific Games, has produced a number of amusing slots over the years, but Amazon Queen slots definitely the jewel in the crown. Read our Amazon Queen tips, if you want to prepare yourself for this great slot, in addition, you can also have a look at our Amazon Queen review.

Amazon Queen Tips Regarding Active Paylines

Amazon Queen slot permits you to alter the number of active paylines, which in turn enables you to play the game with less money, at a lower stake. The default number of active paylines is 20, but if you wish you could decrease it down to just one active payline. If you do that, you will be able to bet just one penny per spin but bear in mind that your chances of winning at this stake level are too low.

So, despite the low stake, our Amazon Queen tips definitely don’t include the decrease of active paylines. Even though it may seem that you can play the game with a lot less and thus get to play a lot more spins on a limited budget, the decrease of active paylines undoubtedly reduces your chances of winning, so the money you save on playing with a lower number of active lines doesn’t actually pay out.

We would actually recommend you try and play at a lower bet line if you wish to play a higher number of spins with a more limited amount of money. That is one of the Amazon Queen tips that every player should follow. The minimum stake per line is one penny, so you could play the game with a minimum of 20p, which means that you can play a total of five spins with just a quid. At that rate you can play fifty spins with £10, so you’ll need just £20 for hundred games, which means that the game is quite affordable even if you activate all paylines.


Amazon Queen Bankroll Tips

Now, if you have a higher bankroll, it is not a bad option to increase your wager a bit, because if you play at a lower stake your winnings will also be limited. Amazon Queen tips cannot be completely universal, it depends on the player’s budget and their style of play. Some players like to divide their budget into smaller sessions, whereas others prefer to play a lot of games at once. That is totally up to you.

Also, this game doesn’t include any options or features that might influence the game RTP, so you can’t make a good or a bad decision, the way you play doesn’t affect your chances of winning, it is all about luck. Hopefully, with our Amazon Queen tips and your good fortune, you will manage to hit one of the highest prizes.


Slot Details

  • Software WMS (Williams Interactive)
  • Paylines 20
  • Reels 5
  • Min Coins Per Line 1
  • Max Coins Per Line 1
  • Jackpot 7.5
  • RTP 95.00%
  • Free Spins No