Different players from different countries will certainly have, you’ve guessed it, different preferences when it comes to the gambling options. However, it’s not all just in the preferences, but also it has to do with what is considered legal in some countries and what not, as well as the means of entertainment and their history. So, if you’re looking for an answer to the question “are UK fruit machines different to US slots”, you’re in the right place. By the time you finish this article, you’ll have an idea of all similarities and differences between these two gaming products.

Fruit Machines and Slots

When it comes to gambling preferences in the UK and the USA, one could say that fruit machines have been the gaming product that was usually found in pubs, while slots are usually associated with US casinos. The popular “fruities”, also known as pub slots, were without a doubt one of the greatest “slot” machines of its time found all over the country. Slots, on the other hand, make up around 70 per cent of the income of an average US casino, so it is safe to say that they are the preferred gaming choice in the States.

Are UK fruit machines different to US slots” can only be answered if you know all the details on these two popular gaming products, so let’s list their features separately. By doing so, you would also see what their differences are and what game suits you best.

UK Pub Fruit Machines

Simply put, fruit machines are slot machines that were designed the British way. Traditionally, UK pub fruit machines would come with three reels decked with US-style fruit symbols, hence the name, like oranges, melons and cherries. They were pretty much like old-school Vegas machines but came with a few differences.

Also known as pub slots, these machines were widespread in places like amusement centres, airports and especially pubs in the UK. They usually come with a nudge and hold features and it takes a certain skill to know when to collect your win, when to nudge the slot and when to use the hold feature. So, one of the universal features of UK fruit machines is that they all have holds and nudges.

A punter, which is the name for a player in the industry, is given the opportunity to hold one or more of the reels before setting off the reel set. This means that the reel which has been held will not be spun during the next round and it will remain with the symbol from the previous spin. This feature can sometimes increase your chance of winning, especially if more than one reel is held.
Another feature is the nudge, which is a single step rotation of a reel of your choice. You can be given a number of nudges, but some machines may not allow all reels to be nudged during a particular round.

US Slots

When it comes to slots in the States, it is important to notice that they are highly regulated by state governments. Thus, you’ll find many of the states having their own gaming control boards which regulate the possession and use of slots. As we have already mentioned in the text above, slots make up around 70 per cent of the income of an average US casino.

Of all states in the USA, Nevada is the only one that has no significant restrictions against the use of slot machines either public or private. In some states, like New Jersey, slot machines are only allowed within the premises of hotel-casinos operated in Atlantic City. Others, like Louisiana and Missouri, allow slots only on licensed riverboats and permanently anchored barges.
Slots in the US, in certain states, also have restrictions on the type of slot machines that can be used within a casino or some other gaming establishment. The IGRA (Indian Gaming Regulatory Act) establishes three different classes of games that come with a different regulatory scheme.

Class I

Class I covers traditional Indian gaming as a part of tribal ceremonies and celebrations and social gaming for minimal prizes.

Class II

Class II includes bingo and games similar to bingo, as well as non-banked card games played exclusively against other players instead of house or player acting as a bank. There are some games that are called class II slots, but they are based on bingo and only designed to look like slots. So, one of the differences when looking for an answer to the question of “are UK fruit machines different to US slots” could be this one. Some of the US slots are not even slots, while UK fruit machines are basically slots with features specific just for the UK market.

Class III

This class includes all forms of gaming that are neither class I nor class II. Here, you can find casino games like slot machines, craps, roulette and blackjack.

So, Are UK Fruit Machines Different To Us Slots?

All things considered, there are certain differences between UK fruit machines and US slots. One of those difference is certainly the one listed in the section above. Some US slots are not even slots, but games based on bingo designed to look like slot machines. You’ll not see this in UK fruit machines because they are basically games that not only look like slots but also play like slots.

However, you should bear in mind that when it comes to Class III slots in the US and fruit machines in the UK, the differences are next to none because both are slot machines that provide the slot experience to players. Although fruit machines in the UK have features typical for them, like holds and nudges, they are slots that provide genuine slot experience.

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