Many people have dreamt of leaving our galaxy in order to explore the outer space. Many authors and film directors have been inspired by the outer space and some of the most renowned works of art have been centred on this theme. In this case, we have an online casino game with a gameplay that enables you to explore asteroids that are orbiting in outer space. Asteroids scratch slot is a pretty standard online scratch card, featuring a pretty exciting jackpot.

Asteroids Scratch Overview

One thing that can be said of all online scratchies is that they are simple. And Asteroids scratch slot is no different, few symbols, few possible combinations, but a lot of excitement. Sometimes it can be a lot more difficult to create an exciting simple game compared to a complicated one and we have to admit that the creators of Asteroids scratch card did a pretty good job.

You get to point your cannons towards the flying asteroids and try to hit as many as possible. The layout and the visual design of the game are quite simple, and it resembles an arcade game from the 1990s. The symbols are quite straightforward, you will see suns, planets and rockets.

The asteroids are placed on a dark blue background and the maximum prize that you can win in Asteroids scratch slot is £100,000. This is a rather impressive jackpot sum and it is probably the main reason why Asteroids is one of the hottest scratch cards, available at a range of online casinos.

Secret Slots offers Asteroids, so if you’re looking to play this game and you would like to try your luck and play for the massive jackpot, look no further. You will even get a hefty welcome bonus when you register. Check out our other games as well, you will find a number of amusing titles.

How To Play Asteroids Scratch

In order to play a scratch game you must buy a scratch first, and even though with online scratchies you don’t actually need to scratch anything, you will still need to purchase a card. You can choose the ticket price yourself but bear in mind that the more expensive the card is, the higher your potential winnings will be.

As with other scratch games, the winning amounts set in the paytable are multiplied by the price of the ticket.

So, for instance, if you play with a quid and you get a combination that’s worth 40x, your prize would be £40, but if you play with £5 and you get the same combination, then your prize would be as high as £200. Make sure that you manage your bankroll accordingly and get the most out of this game. If you purchase cheaper tickets you won’t be able to win high prizes, on the other hand, if you splash out, you might run out of money pretty quickly.

Setting your stake can be done using the plus and minus buttons, and unlike classic slots where you have multiple options, there are no paylines or stake per payline here, just ticket price.

How To Win Asteroids Scratch

You just need a combination of three same symbols to hit a win on Asteroids. Once you buy a card you can start scratching, but you won’t have to click on each symbol to reveal it. If you prefer faster gameplay, just press the ‘scratch all’ button and all symbols will be revealed immediately.

The first symbol, the sun pays only x2, which means that you will win twice the amount that you have bought the ticket for. It’s still not bad, after all, every win on this game exceeds the price of a single ticket. If you get Saturn you will win four times the price of your ticket.

Three instances of the rocket symbol with reward you with a prize worth eight times your ticket. The dark side of the moon pays an x20 prize and if you get Mother Earth you will win a prize worth 40 times your stake. The final two symbols pay 80 and 150 times your ticket, respectively.

Asteroids Scratch Bonus Features

If it had bonus featured it wouldn’t have been a scratch card, to be honest. This game doesn’t feature any bonus features in the standard sense of the word. In fact, there are no bonus features in any sense of the word – asteroids, you get to scratch them, that’s about it.

If you come to play scratch cards looking for bonus features, you might be missing the point. If you are looking for games that have exciting bonus features, we have plenty of those at Secret Slots. For example, Finn and the Swirly Spin features quite a few bonus games.

In fact, most video slots offer at least one bonus game, in most cases free spins. Scratch cards, on the other hand, are a lot simpler, add a bonus feature to a scratchie and it will no longer be a scratchie.  

Game Review

Asteroids is considered to be one of the top online scratch cards, in fact, it is one of the most played games on Secret Slots. Sign up and see why so many players enjoy playing Asteroids scratch slot.

You can take it slow and shoot asteroid after an asteroid, or you can choose to scratch them all immediately. As it is usually the case with online scratchies, you can’t expect to win too often, but when you do it will be worth it, as the prizes are quite massive.

All in all, if you are a fan of scratch cards, we would definitely recommend Asteroids. And even if you haven’t played scratchies before, give it a go! It is available here at Secret Slots!

Slot Details

  • Software Pariplay
  • Paylines 720
  • Reels 5
  • Min Coins Per Line 0.5
  • Max Coins Per Line 25
  • Jackpot 600
  • RTP 97,00%
  • Free Spins Yes