Play the brand new, progressive jackpot Aztec Realm Jackpot slot with 15 paylines, five reels and three rows. Besides the jackpot, the game has nice symbol prizes and a bonus game.

Aztec Realm Jackpot Overview

Meet the Aztec chief and play in his kingdom on the Aztec Realm Jackpot slot. The Aztec Realm Jackpot slot has five reels and three rows and as many as 15 fixed well-paying winning combinations. Just to make sure it is stated right from the start, this is a brand new game released in 2018 by the slots experts at Random Logic.

The game follows an Aztec theme, which is not completely uncommon in the world of slots. On the other hand, it isn’t too common either, so perhaps you could understand the excitement about this game coming out and being available on Secret Slots. The excitement is even greater considering this is going to be a Progressive Jackpot slot.

That said, we spent some time experiencing this title and we are happy to relay back some information that should entice you to give it a try, if not make it your favourite slot for the time ahead.

Aztec Realm Jackpot Slot Design

You wouldn’t expect anything less from Random Logic as they make sure their slots machines deliver a stellar gameplay. First off, you will encounter a pretty cool design around the reel-set. There are two rock platforms – one for the chief of the Aztec Realm Jackpot slot and the other one to carry the heavy jackpot and the tree above the reels.

Once you hit the Spin button you will notice how the reels give a jerking move that brings them slightly up and the then rolling on down. Small things like this either make or break a slot machine, and this one is definitely made to last. The Aztec chief, who is wearing a full ceremonial headgear, is standing calmly on the platform awaiting for a winning combination. Once it hits, he gives a cheer and when you land the free spins feature he dances in sincere joy.

As for the symbols, you will discover the cards numbers and faces, which are represented by rocky moulds covered in moss – to a convincing effect that goes to grasp the gist of an ancient culture. These were the symbols of lower value, while the high valued symbols are an array of masks that are semblance of Aztec and Maya bas-reliefs found at the stepped pyramids in Mexico and Central America. Some of these masks are menacing, others are menacing yet with their tongue stuck out, while others are sad and just silly.

At any rate, these are the game’s symbols, of which the highest paying for five matching is the reddish one with the most sinister countenance, which gives 1500 coins times the winning bet.

How to Play Aztec Realm Jackpot Slot

To set up the game for the play first start with the bet. Since this game has fixed paylines, your bet will play across all 15 at all times. The only thing that needs to be configured is the total bet. There is a field on the bottom pane where you can set that amount. The smallest bet you can make is just £0.15 and the biggest a heavy £450,00 per spin. Certainly, there are many bets in-between that you can select, allowing you to find the sum that is preferable to the balance in your player’s account.

The only two other buttons that you need to worry about are the play and the autoplay which are comfortably tucked in the bottom right corner. There is the tiny “i” symbol in the bottom left corner which pops up the game’s paytable and some other information.

How to Win Aztec Realm Slot

Winning the game is always a matter of pure luck, as the outcomes on slots machines cannot be influenced by anyone – the casino or the player. Everything is in the hands of the bias-less arbitrator named Random Number Generator which is responsible for randomly generating the payouts at completely random frequencies.

That said, the Aztec Realm slots Progressive Jackpot may strike when the player’s least expecting it, or better yet when it is not expected at all. Now, this jackpot rises every time this game is played and fills up again when someone claims it. That’s why the amount that could be won is never fixed. So how to win it? Randomness. Complete randomness.

On the other hand, you could win some neat payouts when you land the three scatter symbols which bring on the bonus game. This game lets you choose from an array of options. The fields that you pick will reveal multipliers which will beef up your winning wager, sometimes to a quite hefty amount of cash.

What Is Progressive Jackpot

Just to clarify things for those who are not in the know. A progressive jackpot game is one whose jackpot prize has been configured to swell each time the game is played. Think of it as a national lottery. The more people play, the bigger the prize becomes.

Some gaming software developers, in cooperation with casinos, can build a network of casinos that share the money in a progressive jackpot pot.

At any rate, the Aztec Realm Jackpot slot has a progressive jackpot that will certainly keep on growing until somebody finally claims it. Then it will be reset, before it starts growing again.

Concluding Remarks

Play the Aztec Realm Jackpot slots for fun or angle your bets towards the progressive jackpot. Whatever route you choose, make sure to have fun before everything else. Are you looking for a welcome package with bonus money with which to play the game?

Spin for the and claim your Secret Slots bonus by clicking on the button below!

Slot Details

  • Software Random Logic
  • Paylines 15
  • Reels 5
  • Min Coins Per Line 0.15
  • Max Coins Per Line 450
  • Jackpot x1500
  • RTP 96,21%
  • Free Spins Yes