Slots aren’t games of skills, so some may not see a point in giving slot tips, as surely you can’t influence the outcome of the game, but there are things that are within your power, like wagering, wagering strategies and various in game options. That’s precisely why we’ve decided to give you some Blood Sucker tips which you will definitely find helpful and useful if you intend to play Blood Suckers slot, one very exciting game by NetEnt.

Blood Suckers was released in 2013, but the game is still quite popular, despite the fact that NetEnt released a sequel few years later. The fact that the game is still popular after a second title was released is a testament to its quality, so the first of our Blood Sucker tips definitely is to give this game a go if you haven’t already.

If you want a more general overview of the game and you would like to know more about it and all its features and characteristics, we can recommend our Blood Suckers slot review, where you can read detailed instructions on how to play the game. We also explain what it takes to win, and we briefly go through the bonus features, before stating our conclusion.

Blood Suckers Tips

Blood Sucker Tips – RTP

As mentioned before, it all comes down to luck with slots, so the RTP plays a very important role. The RTP signifies the percentage of all wagers that are returned back to the players as winnings. The higher this percentage is, more likely it is for you to win in the game. Of course, there are no guarantees, it is a slot game, and nobody can predict the outcome, but you are more likely to win in a game with an RTP of 97%, than in a game with RTP of 95%.

The RTP represents the theoretical return rates, so if a game has an RTP of 96% that doesn’t mean that out of every £100 that have been wagered, £96 would be returned as winnings, that would make no sense. It just means that on average, out of every £100, £96 should be returned as winnings, but if we take specific £100, the return rate may vary, it could be something around £96, but it can also be a lot more or a lot less.

Fortunately, Blood Suckers features a very high RTP rate of 98%. We have to say that there are very few games that feature such a high RTP percentage, so this is one this game’s strongest selling points. That is also one of the key reasons for its popularity, so if you intend on playing it, follow our Blood Suckers tips and hope that lady luck ill be on your side.

Our Last Blood Suckers Tips

The minimum stake in this game is 25p, or a single penny per payline, whereas the maximum amount that you can play with is £50. Make sure that whatever wagering level you choose, you will have enough funds to support it and don’t wager more than you can afford to lose.

Slot Details

  • Software NetEnt
  • Paylines 25
  • Reels 5
  • Min Coins Per Line 1
  • Max Coins Per Line 4
  • Jackpot 7500
  • RTP 98,00%
  • Free Spins Yes