There is a slingo invasion on slots sites and Secret Slots is one of the first to capture the moment. The players can now select from a number of slingo titles and now, one of these titles is Britain’s Got Talent slingo.

Britain’s Got Talent Slingo Overview

With the theme being the popular television show, everyone would be tempted to try slingo if they haven’t tried it thus far. Some words about slingo. It may sound new, but it has been around for more than twenty years now. Slingo was invented by a real estate agent from New Jersey who had a knack for numbers. He developed the game that has a five by five grid that fills with numbers which are yielded by a bowl, not unlike the one used to deliver the numbers in bingo. Perhaps that is why they rhyme, the bingo and slingo games. The game’s concept is similar, yet different enough for it to be its own game.

Britain’s Got Talent Slingo Design

The Britain’s Got Talent Slingo has a layout in the colours of the television show. It is dominated by vibrant blue colours and hues with white numbers and red bingo balls. There is a filler musical score that sounds a bit upbeat and it isn’t intrusive at all. The game’s setup is the same as in all slingo games. It has a grid with five rows by five columns and there is a total of 25 squares. On the right-hand site to the grid is a bowl with numbers. There is a total of eleven balls that reveal the numbers, which are then located on the screen.

Unlike online slots, the Britain’s Got Talent slingo and other slingo titles take time for the gameplay to progress. Whereas slots spin the reels and reveal the outcome almost immediately, slingo takes 11 spins for the player to find out if a prize has been won. The 11 spins could be potentially more because the upon the completion of the last spin, if the grid looks promising to avail more winning lines, then additional spins could be purchased. With these additional spins, the closer you are to getting a full house the more they cost.

Underneath the grid is a single row of five reels which reveal the numbers that will potentially find their place on the squares. If a number is on the reels and on the square, the game will automatically mark it. If the number isn’t there, it will simply continue to a new spin which you have to click yourself for it to happen.

How to Play Britain’s Got Talent Slingo

It is interesting that Slingo comes with both jokers and anti-jokers, that is, devils. The jokers are wild and substitute for any number. The grid automatically highlights a number of squares that you need to select so that the joker can be applied as the wild. The point is to connect more rows with matched numbers. This is when you score a slingo. If a devil enters the game, then this symbol simply blocks the winning for the slot, so instead of a number the player gets a zilch.

The Britain’s Got Talent slingo has a range of wagering options. The smallest bet per a round of slingo spins is 50p, but you may also wager £1, £2 or up to as much as £100 and a range of options in between. Of course, the more you stake per a game of slingo the bigger the winnings are.

How to Win Britain’s Got Talent Slingo

So on a £100 bet per 11 spins, the full house results in a winning of £20,000. Ten slingo lines will pay £5,000 and the amounts decrease by half as you win less and less lines. This isn’t too advisable because if you score just one line the prize will be £10, but the chances to score four lines are higher and you may get back your hundred quid. If you score six lines you will have quadrupled your stake.

The jokers are also the game’s scatter symbols. Landing five jokers earns you a massive winning of 500 quid and the scatter has the same role as in online slots. As more lines of slingo are scored in the horizontal and vertical direction, the player goes level up in the game with the winnings. Unlike some other slingo games, like the Rainbow Riches slingo, the Britain’s Got Talent slingo doesn’t come with any bonus features and that is a bummer because there could have been a progressive play that leads to bonus features that reveal multipliers and free spins and anything that removes the gameplay from its routine which becomes usual and repetitive.

There are other slingo titles on Secret Slots and one of those that grab the attention of players is the Rainbow Riches slingo game.

Concluding Remarks

If you are playing on your computer and you are in it simply for the winnings, then Britain’s Got Talent slingo game has those arriving as per the random number generator, which works on the same principle as all the online slots titles. You will see the reel action unfold in just a regular manner, but you will be engaged to a degree because someone still has to select the fields that are made available thanks to the joker symbol.

You can play this slingo game right here and claim your new player’s bonus!

Slot Details

  • Software Slingo Originals
  • Paylines 5
  • Reels 5
  • Min Coins Per Line 0.50
  • Max Coins Per Line 100
  • Jackpot £20,000
  • RTP 95.00%
  • Free Spins Yes