Progressive jackpot has always been a thrill for all of the online slot lovers, and we can easily see that by the number of spins some of the top games with progressive jackpots have compared to the similar games without the progressive jackpot in their arsenal of features. The games that are featuring a progressive jackpot in them are the kings in the online casino world, and everybody wants to play them. They are the loudest, shiniest and the ones that are positioned in the middle of the online casino and on the main banners of the online casino sites. If you are a slot lover, you’ve probably seen some of the most popular titles with progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah, Major Millions and Gladiator slot machines, or even the Age of Gods Progressive Roulette. One question bothers all the slot lovers – Can you boost your chance of winning a progressive jackpot?

Can You Boost Your Chance Of Winning A Progressive Jackpot?

Mega Moolah entered the Guinness World Record for paying out a jackpot of €17,880,900, and the sums that are won every year continue to make the jaw drop.

This is exactly like playing the lottery where it needs a huge slice of good fortune to win the progressive jackpot. But can you boost your chances of winning?

Well, maybe, if you think about the right and wrong time to play. You’ll also save money and have more fun, so let’s see how you are supposed to play if you want to have a shot at the progressive jackpot of a slot game.

Play When Your Budget Permits It

When you play a progressive jackpot, you need to understand that your spins need to qualify for the maximum prize of the slot. The requirements are different from game to game, so you need to check them before you start spinning, but almost all of the time this is the case, and you need to play with the highest denomination to have a shot. If you are playing with a lower denomination and you manage to hit the progressive jackpot winning combination, you may end up with just a little piece of the whole pie, and trust us, no amount of screaming or hours in the gum punching the bags will help.

See the paytable of the game as well as the rules to know the exact amount of coins and how much money per spin you will need to risk. After that, decide the number of sessions you can have while pursuing the progressive jackpot. There are some slot machines that allow you to win the progressive jackpot even when you bet with a smaller amount, but of course, the odds of winning this jackpot are drastically reduced.

On the other hand, many of the online slot games will require you to play the game and spin the reels with the maximum denomination as that’s their only way of unlocking the progressive jackpot.

Once you’ve found your favourite progressive games, you’ll be able to budget accordingly and plan when you’re going to play and for how many spins.

Play When the Jackpot is Huge

One of the best times to consider playing a slot and pursuing its progressive jackpot is actually when the jackpot is huge. This is the time when the big people step in and play the games as well, as they know when it’s the best time to go after the progressive jackpot. To make it clear – you will not have a better chance at the progressive jackpot if it’s £1 million or £20 million, but there is another reason why we mention this.

Since the chances are the same, why would you want to get to the smallest progressive jackpot there is? You want to be going after the big bucks. If luck smiles on you, you can make it smile brighter.

Also, as we already mentioned, there are tons of casino syndicates and groups that will go after the progressive jackpot one they are above a certain amount, which means the casino will receive more spins, get triggered a bit more than usual, and get the progressive jackpot pot fed a bit more.

It also makes sense to keep track of the jackpots of different software providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Play N’GO and many others as they always tend to have more players and feed the jackpot constantly.

Play When the Jackpot Hasn’t Been Won for Ages

This section of the article closely connects to the previous one, as of the jackpot hasn’t been won for ages, it’s probably a huge jackpot.

Theoretically, any spin that is qualified for the progressive jackpot has the same chance of winning, regardless whether the jackpot is huge, small, has been won five minutes or five months ago – it will always be a million to one.

There is a paradox that of a jackpot hasn’t been won for a longer period of time, the chances of someone winning it are slightly better, even though the mathematics speak differently, so if you see a progressive jackpot slot, roulette or even keno machine that have not won for weeks on end, spend some time testing your luck with them.

Scared Money Never Wins

Luck is something which opens to philosophical debate, and it’s very controversial, but there are some people that are living out of luck, and they have something to say. It’s always listening to your intuition and never being scared to invest if you want to win in this industry.

Furthermore, always avoid gambling when you are in a bad mood as it can lead to some really bad decisions – decisions that the casinos love.

There you have it. Can you boost your chance of winning a progressive jackpot? Theoretically – maybe, mathematically – never. There are some things you can practice which can save your money on certain occasions, and some instances where there “might” be a small odd increasement, although, again, the maths disagree.

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