Introducing Cool Jewels slots a six-reel slot game with six rows and no standard paylines. WMS Gaming has designed Cool Jewels with wins formed anywhere on the 6 x 6 grid by forming vertical and/or horizontal combinations of four or more identical symbols. Although it lacks standard paylines, this online video slot is packed with bonus features including Cascading Symbols, Wild Symbols, and Free Spins. You can spin the reels of Cool Jewels slot with the bet per spin ranging between £0.50 and £200.00. The game’s advertised RTP percentage is 96.1%.

Cool Jewels Overview

As stated in the section above, Cool Jewels slots is an online video slot which seems to be more of an arcade game than a slot. WMS Gaming has designed Cool Jewels resembling such games as Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled, but its base is still a slot machine. The game uses a grid of six reels in six rows with no standard paylines. Wins in Cool Jewels slot are formed anywhere on the grid by forming horizontal and vertical combinations of four or more matching symbols.

When it comes to the symbols, Cool Jewels slots doesn’t use groups of low-paying and high-paying symbols as most online video slots. Instead, the game has only one group of base symbols representing jewels in different colours. These symbols include a red hexagonal jewel, a green octagonal jewel, a green pentagonal jewel, a pink tear-shaped jewel, a yellow triangular jewel, a blue rhombus jewel, an orange round jewel, and a purple rectangular jewel.

Cool Jewels slots uses four different Wild symbols on its reels such as a Shocking Wild, Unstable Wild, Shattering Wild, and Persisting Wild. Each of these symbols is described below in the Bonus Features section.

The game uses another 10x Premium symbol in a shape of a diamond with 10x written across it.

The additional symbols in the game include a Cool Jewels bonus symbols and a green watermark wild symbol.

How To Play Cool Jewels

Before spinning the reels of Cool Jewels slot, you need to set your wager for the spins. Since there are no paylines in the game, the variables that need to be set include the Total Bet and the Bet Multiplier.

By pressing the ‘Total Bet’ box from the menu in the bottom left corner of the screen, you get the available amounts for your total bet. Cool Jewels slots has 28 total bet amounts which include £0.50, £1.00, £1.50, £2.00, £2.50, £3.00, £3.50, £4.00, £4.50, £5.00, £7.50, £10.00, £12.50, £15.00, £20.00, £25.00, £30.00, £35.00, £40.00, £45.00, £50.00, £62.50, £75.00, £87.50, £100.00, £125.00, £150.00, and £200.00.

Next, you will need to set your bet multiplier variable. By pressing the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons on the sides of the ‘Bet Multiplier’ box, you can select one of the 28 available options. These options include 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 250, 300, and 400.

By combining these two variables, you get the minimum and maximum limits for the bet per spin which are set at £0.50 and £200.00, respectively.

Once you have set your wager, you can spin the reel set of Cool Jewels slots by pressing the round blue button with an inverted arrow on it in the bottom left corner of the screen.

If you wish to enjoy the gameplay without pressing spin after each spin, you can use the game’s autoplay option. By pressing the button on the right of the Spin button, you open the autoplay menu where you are offered five different numbers of games to be played automatically. By pressing your chosen number, the reels start spinning automatically, so make sure to set your total bet beforehand. The remaining rounds are displayed on the screen, but you can stop this feature at any given time by pressing the ‘Stop’ button.  

Play Cool Jewels Slot

How To Win Cool Jewels

Wins in Cool Jewels slot are formed by landing symbol combinations on the 6 x 6 grid. These symbol combinations fill the Pay Per Symbol Meter on the left, which consists of 12 sections, when they get destroyed.  

Cool Jewels Bonus Features

Cascading Symbols

This bonus feature is probably the main feature of Cool Jewels slots because it relates to the value meter placed on the left. When you land a combination of four or more symbols, they will disappear and will be replaced by new symbols. Thus, you can get more chances of forming more combinations.

Each symbol increases the meter by one part, gradually increasing its value up to a maximum of £0.50 each. This is not a fast process, so you’ll have a long way to go.

Wild Symbols

Cool Jewels slots makes use of three different wild symbols on its reels which become active when they partake in a winning symbol combination.

  •        Shocking Wild – destroys all symbols diagonally of it
  •        Unstable Wild – destroys all symbols around it
  •        Shattering Wild – destroys all symbols in horizontal and vertical direction

If you get two different wild symbols next to each other in a winning combination, extra features will occur. Two matching symbols within a winning combination become locked and remain active throughout each cascade until they reach the bottom of the screen.

Free Spins

The free spins round in Cool Jewels slots is triggered by landing at least four of the Cool Jewels symbols. These symbols must be destroyed in an explosion, not matched in a symbol combination. Depending on the number of symbols, you get the following:

  •        Four Cool Jewels symbols – You receive 8 spins
  •        Five Cool Jewels symbols – You receive 10 spins
  •        Six Cool Jewels symbols – You receive 15 spins
  •        Seven Cool Jewels symbols – You receive 20 spins

Each additional Cool Jewels bonus symbol awards you five more free spins.

Our Cool Jewels Review

Cool Jewels slot is a game to play when you are looking for something different than standard online slots. The game’s bonus features make the gameplay more entertaining and rewarding since they offer more different ways of landing a win.

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Slot Details

  • Software WMS Gaming
  • Paylines 0
  • Reels 6
  • Min Coins Per Line 0.50
  • Max Coins Per Line 200
  • Jackpot n/a
  • RTP 96.01%
  • Free Spins Yes