There is a constant battle between the Poker and the Slots, and whether one should focus on spinning the reels on the slots or pulling the next card in the poker, the anticipation of it and the possible rewards.

Guess what – you can merge both of them into one game!

Meet Deuces Wild Slot, the online video slot game that is completely different from what the other slot games that you have played or will find in the online market.

Unlike all of the online slot games that have reels and paylines, Deuces Wild functions differently and adds a whole new level to the online slot gaming. It is closely connected to the Poker game as well, therefore the rules of both games are merged to this slot game, and it is quite interesting to play.

Give it a try today, read the review and fill in the registration form which will take you to our casino where the game is available. Once you get there and do the 1st deposit, you will be eligible for a welcome bonus which is usually a number of free spins (above 20) and the more you play the more lucrative prizes you will get from both the casino and Deuces Wild Slot itself.

Stick around if you want to find out more about Deuces Wild Slot.


Deuces Wild Slot most certainly looks good and you can find the design and graphics on a really satisfying level. All the action takes place on a greenish background, the same background or table where the poker games are played, which this slot is inspired by.

You are playing with a set of spinning cards instead of the standard symbols that are found in the slot games, and if you want to win something you need to land a winning combination in your hand, which is sort of your payline for this slot game. You have five cards in your hand the whole time.

All of the hands that you can possibly win with are displayed on the left-hand side of the screen, while the betting options take the smallest and lowest portion of the screen.

How To Play Deuces Wild Slot

If you have previously played a Poker game, with a few slots in your gambling career as well, you will find Deuces Wild Slot pretty easy to master. Your goal is to make a combination of the best five cards that can possibly land on your hand with the aim to change your initial hand and to have a replacement in the cards that are on the table. This means that you should have a replacement for one, or initially all of the cards that are in your hand, to form a winning combination.

The best part is if you manage to land some of the better winning combos from the first time, or in the draw, meaning you won’t need to change and replace the hand cards, as it’s not mandatory.

Once you feel ready and you think it’s time to start, hit the green button at the bottom of the screen and you will receive your first five cards. After that’s done, just click ‘Hold’ to freeze whichever card you would like to keep, as the other ones will vanish in the “burned” cards and get replaced from ones that are on the ground. As you know, the Poker game doesn’t tell you which cards are going to be drawn on the table, which is the beauty and the anticipation of the game.

Clicking on the big green button for the second time will give your final cards. In a real Poker game, those cards are on the table, but in Deuces Wild Slot they are going straight to your hand, as there are no other players that might need the cards. Hopefully, when those cards come, you will have some of the major winning combinations in your hand to brag to your friends.

Playing Cards

The cards that you are playing in Deuces Wild Slot are nothing like the normal slot symbols all around the slot community, as here you play with a standard deck of cards, just like in a slot game. The cards you are playing with a start from the Ace, or number one, all the way to the Ace on the other side of the deck, just after the King.

The word Deuces comes from the Chinese word meaning “two”, and it’s related to the number two of the playing deck of cards, which is the wild card of this slot game. If there is a number 2 on your first deal, the game automatically holds them for you to experience a larger win while the game continues with the second deal.

The option we like is the choice to play one, five, ten or twenty-five hands – your chances of winning remain the same of course but it adds a level of excitement to proceedings.

If you’d like to try and double up your win, just press the ‘Gamble’ button and try and predict the colour of the next playing card drawn. You can double up a maximum of five times, but be careful as if you miss, there will be an awful loss of your cash. Always be extra careful with this option.


Deuces Wild Slot is an example of how a decent and innovative video poker slot game should look like. You have everything that you need to know right here in this review, and if you are a slot player with a few poker rules in your mind or the other way around, you will definitely learn how to play this game in a matter of minutes.

If you like to play Deuces Wild, a game that combines poker and traditional slots, register with Secret Slots, claim your bonus and start playing!

Slot Details

  • Software NetEnt
  • Paylines 0
  • Reels 0
  • Min Coins Per Line 0.10
  • Max Coins Per Line 12.50
  • Jackpot x4000
  • RTP 97.97%
  • Free Spins No