When you are a slots player you ultimately have two options: play it for fun or kick it up a notch and play with real money. That leaves us with two varieties of slot versions: Demo Versions and “Real” versions. The first ones don’t involve investment of real money, and you play with virtual money, and when you are playing these, you practically have unlimited (although virtual) funds.
In this review we will give you an insight on the frequently asked issue – Do free slots and real money slots have different payout percentages?
Stay tuned, we will provide you with detailed information about free slots as well as slots with real money, and how should carefully enter the slots world, cause with little luck there is a possibility that you could end up with some great prizes.

Online Slots Free Play

Many online slots include a Free Play or “Demo” Version, which allows players to know the gameplay before deciding to invest real money into the game and start spinning those reels. The interesting thing about them is that they aren’t at all different from the real versions, the only fact that differs them is the money that you place playing the real versions. When you play the free versions, you don’t wager real money, and you play with unlimited amount of virtual money that you have on your balance.
Having said this, the demo versions and real versions of slots are exactly the same regarding the graphics, RTP, gameplay, symbols and every other segment besides the abovementioned moment.
So, if you are asking “do free slots and real money slots have different payout percentages” – the answer is no. The payout percentages are exactly the same, but the payouts are different – in the demo versions you are awarded with virtual money, while in the real money slots you are awarded with real cash.
So, if you are unsure whether to give free slots or real money slots a chance, you should carefully read this segment and understand that it is essential to try out the free play versions before giving the real ones a go, because they give you a nice introduction and provides you with the possibility to carefully develop your strategy.

Real Money Online Slots

This is the real deal, folks! Here you wager your real money, you stake it and if you manage to land a win – it’s real! So, there are no virtual funds when it comes to real money online slots, and these are not just for fun, but they are the ones where the player deposits their own money and play for real wins.
We can say that the real money versions of online slots are very tricky, and you should play them carefully in order to get solid wins and develop your slots strategy carefully in order to claim money.
If you decide to play a real money online slot, then you should carefully read reviews for that slot and when you choose your favourite one, the first you need to do is set the coin denomination which is derived from the number of activated paylines and placed coins per bet.
Also, it is important to note that you have the max bet option which allows you to place the maximum stake you have available. This option is tricky we must say, cause it has its pros and cons.
When choosing this option you have the possibility to land the biggest available payout that particular slot has, but it can also drain your balance away with relative ease.

Do Free Slots And Real Money Slots Have Different Payout Percentages – Analysis

So, what is the payout percentage in slots? It is basically the same as the meaning of the term RTP, which stands for Return To Player.
Simply put, the abbreviation RTP stands for ‘Return to Player’ and is defined as a theoretical percentage of all the wins versus the played stakes. This percentage is an average percentage of a certain number of plays of an online slot, rather than every single play of the game.

The number of the reels or paylines of any online video slot plays no role whatsoever in the calculation of the game’s RTP. As an argument to support this thesis is the fact that there are many examples of online video slots with only three reels that boast higher RTP percentages than some online slots with four reels or over. To find out the particular RTP percentage of the desired game, and whether it lists the game as an above or below average online slot, you are free to check it out under the “Info” button of the particular game that you decided to play.

Do Free Slots And Real Money Slots Have Different Payout Percentages – Conclusion

Every slot player, whether playing the real version or the free play one, should make a habit of playing online slots that advertise average or above average Return To Player percentages. Any online video slot with a Return to Player percentage of 96% or over is considered as an average or above average online slot game, respectively. Games with RTP percentages below 96% will just get you shorter playing sessions and faster depletion of cash of course, over time.

In most cases, the highest RTP percentages are not given as a default value and you need to set the online slot in a certain way to trigger it. To get the highest possible Return to Player percentage of any game, players need to play with the maximum number of paylines to have better chances at receiving higher payouts. Most online slots are designed to award the highest Return to Player percentages only when players opt to play across all paylines, and Eye of Horus slots is no exception.

So, there you have it! The answer to the question “Do free slots and real money slots have different payout percentages?”. We hope you liked it!

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