Welcome to the world of online slots. There is plenty to do here, plenty of entertainment and lots of gaming options to choose from. Online slots are no longer a recent phenomenon. This form of entertainment has been around since the mid 1990’s and has evolved in significant ways. There are online slots today that look like full-blown 3D games that are played on any one of the gaming consoles. There are online casinos that specialize in table casino games and card games, while some specialize in slots only. THere are online casinos that offer all of these under the same roof, and maybe even bingo. So there is a lot to be explored and you’ve come to the right place to find the answer to the question Do I Have To Download Software to Play Slots?

Early Beginnings of Online Casinos

The online casino world has advanced significantly since the mid 90’s. The first ever casinos started with a handful of card games. One of the first online casinos, if not the first one to be ever launched, was by Microgaming. They developed the first gaming platform. Next in line of online casino pioneers were Cryptologic, who provided some encrypted protocols for exchanging data, which ensured that the players could play their favorite games a do so in a secure environment. Indeed, the players could make transactions thanks to the secure protocols developed by Cryptologic in 1995.

Online casinos and slots sites could only become available thanks to the deregulating of the frameworks that delineated what a casino constitutes as a place of business. Antigua and Barbuda and a year later the Quebec area of Kahnawake, became the first jurisdictions that offered everything that was deemed necessary for starting an online casino business. They provided the laws, the offices, and the people so the first online casinos were founded there.

Breakthroughs in Online Casino Gaming

Later down the line, places like Malta and Gibraltar too became sort of “off-shore” hosts for online casinos, and indeed, today many of the casinos that are operating across Europe, Canada and the United States do have their seats in either one of these countries. Also the United Kingdom has its Gambling Commission which needs to license any casino that wants to provide slots and casino games online to patrons across the UK. In addition to the commision itself, there are few other jurisdictions where online and land-based casinos can base their operations – places such as the Isle of Man, Jersey and Alderney.

But, we are not done just yet with the history of the first online casinos. The first bet with actual money that was deposited online and spent directly at an online casino happened in 1996 on the InterCasino, with all of its 18 games and access to the National Indian Lottery. Still, at that time you had to download software in order to play slots online. Yes it was complicated, playing slots online, and quite a number of people could not access these casinos either because of slow internet connections (56k, member?) and software compatibility and various bugs not least caused by pop ups, viruses and what not.

We have reached the 21 century, so do you still have to download software to play slots? Afraid so. One of the leading softwares that developers studios use to make online slots was Macromedia Flash. The software emerged as a simple and light toolkit for animation, and lots of websites switched their web design to Flash. The company was bought out and today it is owned by Adobe, which still offers this software, now called Animate. Flash proved the best platform to build online slots because they weighed very little and could be hosted on servers which could serve from few hundred to few thousand players. This paved the way for software-less access to online slots, but still, players had to download the software up until a certain point.

Finally Do I Have To Download Software to Play Slots?

And then – culmination – online casinos no longer require software to be downloaded, all thanks to the gaming platforms developed by companies such as Microgaming, Dragonfish, Nektan, Aspire, 888 and others. What these platforms managed doing is collecting a number of producers’ slots titles under the same roof. This way, there are hundreds of games that are available across platforms. That means, if you want to play Starburst you are not going to find only at those platforms that have made a deal with Net Entertainment. Rather, the game is available at a number of casinos that use different gaming platforms.

With an online casino industry worth 35 billion us dollars in 2015, the online casinos have the drive to improving the way gaming is provided. Just to be sure, they will make sure that no player is ever required to download any software on their computer, however it is a bit different with mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. It is here that you have to download software to play slots. However, that’s not too terrible as it takes few taps on the screen and there is no danger to your device.

Accessibility of Online Slots

Online gaming has become just as accessible as gaming on personal computers. In fact, most of the online casinos provide mobile apps or their gaming platforms can simply be accessed via iOS or Android tablets and mobile telephones. Yet, online casinos and their slots developing partners continue to push forward with innovations. Games become lighter, lading faster and performing better.

The other phenomenon are the networked progressive jackpot slots, which can be accessed via multiple venues, yet all host the same amount that is displayed on the game’s ticker. These are also available on the gaming platforms that are provided by the online casino of your choice.

Concluding Remarks

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