We all know what slot games are, and how you can get the most out of them. In order to play online slot games, you need to find an online casino, select the game you want to play, make sure you deposit to get the welcome bonus and play the slot. But what if we don’t want to spend money to play these marvellous games? Do you have to play online slots for real money only or there is a way around it?

There most certainly is, and since getting this question a lot, we decided to write about it.

What are slot games?

You probably already know what slot games are – they are one of the most played online casino games with a lot of history in it, and hopefully, even greater future. These games have evolved to become the best version that they could be, and with all the bonuses, features, mini-games in them and the most fantastic designs and music it’s a complete game that can keep you entertained for hours. Slot games might be someone’s black spot, while for another person is the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you haven’t played a slot game, here’s a brief explanation of the same. Slot games are most commonly associated with the fruit symbols, which were their first symbols in the very first slot machines. Nowadays, there are tons of slots in tons of different themes. The main thing is to land thee or more of the same symbols on the screen on an active payline and you will get a payout. That’s what slots are for and how they work. The thrill in the slot game is the expectation while the reels are spinning, while the reward should be visible in your wallet at the end of the day.

If for any reason you want to play slot games for free, without making a deposit, without risking your money, only for the entertainment, you can easily do that.

Playing slot games for free

Most of the people wouldn’t choose this option, as we all know what slot games are about, but if you are one of the rare ones which want to play slots for free, there are several ways to do so.

Demo Sites

There are so-called demo sites which offer the slot games that you can find in the casinos for free. Almost all of the slot games that are developed have a demo version of themselves for you to enjoy for free.

The demo version of the game is relatively similar to the original one. In the demo version of the slot game, you have the same symbols, same bonus features and ways to trigger the same, however, there is one major difference, and that difference is of a great importance to you.  You will be playing with credits given to you from the site rather than your own money. This is a prof that you don’t need to play online slots for real money.

However, the demo version is there for one reason, and that is to test the game before playing for money. Since none of the slot game is same as the next one you will play, the demo version is here to teach you the game and its functionalities instead spending your money to do that on the original one, and usually, people switch to the main game as soon as they feel comfortable with it. But if you want to play the demo version only for entertainment purposes, suit yourself – most of the sites have unlimited credits where you can play for the rest of eternity.

Casino Free Play

Another way to play slots for free, which btw requires a little bit of deposit in order to get the free play, can be found in the welcome bonuses of the casinos you are playing slots.

Basically, you need to register, make the minimum deposit and get free spins as a welcome bonus. You can check the casinos and see which one of them offers free spins as a welcome bonus. If you want to play a preferable game which happens to be some of the most famous ones, you can very easily find it online. Some of the casino sites offer free spins for Starburst for example, which happens to be one of the top games which the casinos give free spins for.

Once the free spins have passed, you can repeat the process and get more free spins.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Most of the people are asking the same question: Do you need to play online slots for real money, and our article answers the question.

Since we are trying two different things here, let’s go through the pros and cons or playing online slots for free versus playing for cash.

If you are trying the demo version, free play, or any other form of playing slots for free, it means you are here for the fun and entertainment, the positive elements of the slot, the music and sound effects and everything that a game can give. You won’t be risking any money while playing these games, and you won’t have any expectations of it.

On the other hand, you won’t experience the thrill of playing with money, all the possible and potential prizes that are there to be won, the adrenaline rush while the reels are spinning and the ups and downs that push us outside the comfort zone, which is an awesome thing.


Do you have to play online slots for real money? Most certainly not, there are tons of ways you can find and play the slot games for free and there are many advantages that come with the same.

If you loved the game and feel like you want to take things to the next level, you can always play the games for real money on our site.

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