Slots are games of chance, which means that the outcome of each and every spin is entirely random, it all comes down to luck. Nothing you do can influence the outcome of the game and you have no way of predicting or guessing the outcome of each spin, regardless whether you’re playing a game in demo mode, with a small wager, or you place the maximum possible stake. So, if we look at things from that perspective the question ‘Does the amount of money I deposit influence the slot game?’, can be answered easily. Is it that simple though?!

While we are not going to say that you can knowingly make an impact on the gameplay, there are ways in which your decisions may alter the course of the game, at least for some online slots. But, let’s be clear, there are no slot machine cycles that you can activate or deactivate depending on the amount you are depositing. So, it seems that the answer to the question ‘Does the amount of money I deposit influence the slot game?’ is a bit more complex.

Slot Machine Statistics

First things first, because giving a yes or no answer to an issue that’s so complicated isn’t an option. So, let’s have a look at depositing. Playing at an online casino is not the same as playing at a land-based location. At a land-based location you get to feed the slot machine before every spin, although at some places there’s an option to put in a larger amount of money and spin the reels multiple times. If you’re playing online, you can make a deposit before you start playing and then select a wager before each spin, depending on how much you have left in your casino account.

There are slot machine statistics which show us how many times a game has been won, its volatility, return rate and everything else, but that doesn’t mean that you can predict the outcome, that’s just statistical data collected by game providers and casinos. In fact, these statistics actually show that a game is fair and random.

Slot Machine Programming

Players often ask whether slot machines are random or programmed and in fact it can be said that they are programmed to be random. Yes, that’s right, slot machine programming is a thing, but it is slightly different than what you may think. All online slots are powered by a random number generator (RNG) and this generator ensures that all outcomes are entirely random.

The slots are basically programmed but the cycles are so long and so variable so that it is impossible for a player to discover patterns and be able to predict which spin would be a winning one. If that was possible, players would’ve been in a position to increase their wager before a spin they know will be a winning one. That is not the case, so there are no cycles.

When it comes to players who primarily play slots at land-based locations, they have often wondered ‘do magnets affect slot machines?’ and while that sounds like a tempting premise we have to say that it’s not true. You can influence the outcome of land-based games by using magnets, that’s just not how it works.

Slot Myths Debunked

There are several myths when it comes to the supposed influence of the wagered amount on the slot game. Some have claimed that if you wager a lower amount of money you’re more likely to win, because slot machines are set not to win on large wagers. That’s not true though, even though we see why some players may think so.

On the other hand, others have claimed that you should wager a higher amount of money if you want to win, because a max wager causes a disbalance in the game which in turn might generate a win. That’s another myth. The truth is quite simple. The amount you wager has no impact on the likelihood of winning. The only impact that the amount of the wager has is the impact on the potential winnings. Note that we used the word potential.

So, if the maximum prize in a game is 1,000 coins, your wager will have an impact on the maximum winning amount. With a coin value of 1p, your maximum prize would be £10, with a 10p coin value it would be £100, whereas if you wager £1 per payline you would get £1,000. But, the likelihood of winning remains the same, as per the RTP.

Changing Odds On Slot Machine

We mentioned the RTP towards the end of the last paragraph. Let’s explain what RTP is. RTP stands for return to player and this is a theoretical percentage which tells us how much of the amount that all players have wagered is returned to them as winnings. So, when the RTP is 97% this means that £97 out of every theoretical £100 wagers is returned. The key word here is theoretical. The RTP is calculated over a large number of spins. That is in line with the random number generator. The different between the set RTP and the RTP for each gaming session might be severe, especially if the session in question is a shorter one.

Speaking of RTP, we should mention that there are changing odds on slot machines, i.e. the RTP may vary in certain cases. If you see that a game has a fluctuating RTP, that usually means that certain choices you make may have an impact on the RTP. For instance, you may be offered two options at the beginning of the game, and the RTP for each may differ. In that case every player will obviously be inclined to choose the offer at the higher RTP, but that often is the more expensive option.

If you’re playing a game that features a progressive jackpot, the rules may specify that only the maximum wagers qualify to play for the progressive prize. In this case, you will need to wager the maximum amount if you want to play for the progressive prize.

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