Not everyone was born a slots player, so it is all right to expect that many people who are interested about the world of online casinos aren’t sure how to play slots. So the question that naturally arises is, how do you bet on a slot machine? Doing that isn’t at all hard but there are some general guidelines that need to be followed in order to make the right steps.

The only ‘danger’ there is to placing your bet is that you may overlook the default amount that may be higher than you would like to bet. Another thing to be mindful of is not to bet a high amount by mistake. So there are the two caveats that take us to the steps you need to follow when configuring the amount of the wager, understanding what a coin size is, what a payline is and what is the minimum and maximum bet per spin.

What Is A Payline?

Each slot game has several components to it that appear to the front. It isn’t the random number generator that nobody ever sees working in the background, which represents a major part of a slot game. It is the paylines, the reel-set and the symbols.

A Payline is a line that is drawn across of the reel-set’s grid of rows and reels. When a specific set of symbols lands on that payline, a winning combination is awarded. The old slots machines that were found at land casinos a long time ago had one or three paylines on three reels and three rows. Couple of decades later the slots could provide more paylines than just one or three, because the reel set expanded as well.

The implementing of higher forms of math has allowed slots developers to create paylines that go beyond the nine or ten. Today there are slots games that can number 100 or way more than that – or what is called multiway paylines. Slots such as Bonanza can expand to a maximum of 117649 that can spin on the grid of five reels and five rows.

Important thing to state is that not all slots have loose paylines. Some slots have fixed paylines and you can set the value of the bet by raising the bet levels. At any rate, whether you play on one or several or all paylines, each slot game has a way of configuring your pet per spin, except, those slots that have paylines that you can activate or deactivate, usually allow the players to play for a penny per spin.

Having one component down, we move on the other which help us explain how do you bet on a slot.

What Is Coin Size?

This is one of the settings that pertains to the value of the bet per each spin. Usually the slot game will have an option that states Coin Size or Coin Value. This is a value that the player would be betting per active payline. Whether the slot has fixed paylines or such that can be selected, the coin size would be applied to each payline. Consider this example, if you are playing 20p per ten paylines the total bet per spin would cost £2.00. If the slot game allows the paylines to be selected as active by number, then you could play on a single payline and use the 1p coin size to get a one penny per spin for the total amount.

Bet Size on Slots

There are slots developers who don’t incorporate paylines or coin size values in their productions. Instead they use something called Bet Size or Total Bet. This is a one-stop-shop button that lets the players set the total amount per spin without ever having to touch any paylines or coin size values, because these simply won’t be present on the interface.

How do You Bet On A Slot Machine?

One of the best things about slots is that they are intuitive. In other words you really don’t have to know slots to be able to place your bet and play. Just one look at the reel-set and you will know what needs to be done. Few clicks on the up and down arrows and you will have your game underway. Each slot game will display the amounts that you would be playing somewhere on the screen – usually in the center-bottom or in the top. Scan the screen and you will certainly see these numbers. If you aren’t sure what you are betting or if you have decreased or increased your bet as you wanted, then look for the total amount per spin and there you have it, no way to go wrong.

What is the Most You Can Bet On A Slot?

We should better phrase the question as follows: what is the most and the least that you can bet on a slot? So that we represent both ends of the equation. Like we mentioned, some slots are penny slots which you can play with just 1p. These are games that have free paylines which you can set to one and play one penny per line, or the game can have more paylines, like 15 or 20, but still allow you to play with one penny for all.

On the other hand, there are slot games that can take as much as £250, £500 and even £1000 per spin. These are extremes that seem to work for people who have just won a jackpot and are bent on milking the cow even more. At any rate, each slot game offers realistic amounts for the bet per spin, so you can play with half a pound, one pound, £2, £5, £10, £20 and many amounts in-between.

Concluding Thoughts

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