If you have played online slots and have browsed the lobby section of the casinos, you will have noticed something called Slingo. This is a new game that took some slots players by surprise, even though it was invented few decades ago. Suddenly there are about a dozen or more titles that have the Slingo qualifier next to them and these are all based on the same gameplay that is as innovative as it is fun. If you haven’t already guessed from the name of the game, Slingo is a combination of slots and bingo. The idea fuses the best of both worlds and many players seem to be quite fond of it. If you are asking yourself how do you play slingo, we will put the matter into perspective and let you in on the details that make up a game of Slingo.

What is Slingo?

The layout of a slingo game is a grid of five horizontal and vertical rows. These represent the bingo ticked that will be filled with the numbers that are aimed at producing a line of slingo. At the bottom of the grid you will notice the reels of the game. Slingo has five reels and this is pretty much the slots element of the game. The reel has only one row, unlike the modern slots which usually have three or more rows. The single slingo reel row spins to retrieve the numbers that will be matched on the five by five grid, however, it isn’t just numbers that the reels can bring to the game, but we will mention more on that in the part how do you play slingo.

Besides the grid and the reel, slingo has a tombola bowl that keeps all the bingo balls which will in turn display the numbers on the reels row. In all of the slingo games that we have reviewed at Secret Slots we have encountered 11 “spins”, that is, 11 turns in the tombola that come with a single deposit on the game. There is a lot more detail into how a slingo game unfolds so we will get straight to it and let you know of the best slingo titles that we have enjoyed.

How Do You Play Slingo Online?

Once you have selected a slingo game that you wish to play you will be asked about the deposit. The slingo games have a similar if not the same layout across all different titles. This game really isn’t about the graphics or the bells and whistles – it brings to the players a straight-up action that combines slots and bingo, so it is a bit watered down from the eye candy and niceties that come with the slots, and conversely, it is an enriched version of the regular bingo game, which in all honesty does come off a bit bland considering the pretty basic appearance.

So once you have selected the size of the bet, you will get eleven spins, that is, turns on the reels. Each will bring on a total of five outcomes which could be numbers, a joker, a blocker and a free spins token. The numbers are automatically added on the grid, however, whenever you get a joker, the slingo game allows you to choose which square to mark clear of those squares that have been highlighted.

If you are wondering whether you have to closely pay attention so as not to miss any numbers or jokers, worry not, because Slingo is a fully automated game that registers all winnings. The only thing that you have to do is push the Spin button. Talking about spins, the game does give free spins in the form of a token, so you may end up with more than eleven spins in total.

Slingo Cash Prizes

Talking about the cash prizes in the slingo game, you will find a uniformity in the amounts. This has been the case for all of the slingo games that we have reviewed and which are available at Secret Slots. When you play on the smallest bet for a game of slingo fo 11 spins, one slingo line brings you just five pennies, six slingo lines bringo you £2.00, ten lines are £25 and a full house is £100.

When you up the ante these numbers become progressively higher. Say you are playing with £5 per game. A single slingo line will bring you £0.50, ten lines will bring you £250 and a full house a neat £1000. Playing with the biggest bet per game, which is £100, could potentially lead to the jackpot prize of £20,000. Any slingo game lets you select a range of bets. You can play with any amount that is between £0.50 and £100, and that lets you make your slingo experience a low stakes or a high stakes game.

Top Slingo Games

Slingo has taken on lots of different appearances when it comes to the theme. Some very popular online slots have been remade into slingo, such as the Rainbow Riches slot, which is available at Secret Slots among the other editions of this title.

Big Money Slingo

This edition has a slight twist to it that we haven’t seen in other games. There are several ‘worlds’ in the game and each one has its own background and a buy-in price. The more expensive the world is the bigger the prizes are, but you can still set your bet at the minimum or pick any amount that is available in any of the given levels.

Love Island Slingo

If you have ever watched the reality television show, then this slingo variant comes comes from there. Everything else besides the title, the banner and the design stays the same. Sadly (or not) the numbers haven’t been given the faces of some of the more memorable contestants on the Love Island show, but that is just fine. This is still a good old slingo game that is available at Secret Slots.

Rainbow Riches Slingo

Why shouldn’t one of the most widely played slots have its own slingo version? Indeed! The same vibe from Rainbow Riches follows you in the Rainbow Riches slingo. There is the cheerful leprechaun and the rainbow in the background, as well as the potential riches that could be won on the grid.

You can play any of these slingo games at Secret Slots – claim the welcome bonus and get on your slingo roll.

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