If you want to try your luck with some fancy, colourful and interesting games that can be played online as well as in every single land-based casino, you are definitely looking for the slots. The slot games have some unique features in them, making them the most interactive game in the casino, and to put a cherry on top of the chocolate cake, there is a progressive jackpot that everybody wants to win, but what is a progressive jackpot? How many different types of progressive jackpots are there? How can you win one? These questions are often asked by our fans, and here are the answers to those.

What are Progressive Slots?

To be honest, a progressive slot machine is the same machine as the regular slot machine except for the part that the progressive slot has a progressive jackpot installed in it, and once you spin the reels of this machine, you automatically have a shot at the progressive jackpot. Playing the slot game is relatively simple – all you need to do is spin the reels and hope to land some of the winning combinations that can be found under Paylines on the active payline, which will award you with a win. This depends on the payouts given for the different game symbols and the gameplay of that particular game.

On the other hand, the progressive spot largely depends on the increasing jackpot that it’s available. A small amount of the cash that the players are putting in the machine is going in a different pot that funds and feeds the progressive jackpot, usually not more than 2% of the amount wagered. The amount is never fixed, as the jackpot gets fed and rises until someone wins it and resets it to its original position, restarting the whole cycle over and over again.

The progressive jackpots can be linked with each other, as you can contribute to the jackpot by playing from any of those slot machines, or if the progressive jackpot is only on one machine, that’s the one you want to be playing to get the jackpot fed and to get it to land on your account. We will talk about the different types of jackpot just below.

For the slot machines that are linked together, remember that these machines will grow the progressive jackpot with the speed of light, and they will pay out the same that way making room for the new one, as there will be tons of players playing on the variety of linked slot machines. It continues to grow until one player wins the progressive jackpot, after which it resets to the starting value.

To win, the player needs to place the maximum bet that the slot game has, otherwise the jackpot won’t be available. Also, keep in mind to active all the paylines, as you don’t want the winning combination to land on a payline which is not active. No amount of screaming or going to the gym will help if this happens.

Types of Progressive Slots

There is a different feeling, a special glamour once you decide to play the slot games which hold a progressive jackpot. There is something different knowing that you can win the progressive jackpot, something which the other regular slots don’t offer, but how many different types of progressive jackpots are there? Let’s go through them and see what they offer and how you can win them.

Standalone Progressive Slots

This is one of the progressive jackpots that is mostly seen in the land-based casinos. The progressive jackpot is distinct with the flashing jackpot meter showing the exact current value. It’s usually the loudest and the most colourful slot in the room, placed in the centre with a lot of people around it. Note that this jackpot is not connected to any other slot machine in the room or any other online slot machine. The amount of the jackpot increases a small percentage of every coin which is placed in the slot machine.  Another thing to keep in mind is that the jackpot amount is comparatively small as it is not connected to any of the networks.

Local/Proprietary/In-House Progressive Slots

This type of jackpot links several slot machines to the same progressive jackpot, and they are all found in the same land-based casino. All of the slot games are designed in the casino or by the gaming providers, and sometimes the jackpot might be linked to a different slot game which is located in a different casino. The games from the same provider are linked through the jackpot, even though the casinos are different. Note that this jackpot is bigger than the standalone one, as more than one game contributes for it.

Wide Area Progressive Slots

The most popular and widely spread jackpots are the Wide Area Progressive Slot jackpots. They are operating over different casinos and the jackpot grows by a contribution from thousands of players. This jackpot can go all the way up to several millions of pounds, meaning the amounts that can be won are huge.

The big infrastructure costs involved in setting up a wide area progressive slot limits the casinos. As a result, the payout percentage is smaller for these slots.

Random Progressive Slots

There are slot machines developed by providers that can pay out the progressive slot randomly. This depends on the individual slot gameplay, and there is not a clear pattern or a winning combination of symbols that the other jackpots have, so the payout of this jackpot is truly random.


How many different types of progressive jackpots are there? How to win them and which one is the best? We hope that we answered your questions and that you will make a fine choice from some of the four jackpots that are available in the online slots industry.

Follow the casino on the side of this article, choose a game you want to play with, and taste the progressive jackpots yourself.

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