Lost Island RTP percentage is 96.50%, but that doesn’t tell you much if you’re not familiar with the concept or RTP and what it means. The RTP is expressed in percentage points, and games are played with money, so the best way to explain the RTP is perhaps to assume an amount of money, let’s say £100 because that makes the calculation a lot easier. The maximum RTP percentage is 100%, but there are no games that actually offer a 100%, in most cases the RTP is in the higher half of the 90s, so it could be 95%, 96%, 97%, or even 98% and 99%, or anything in between.

Lost Island RTP Percentage Explained

Lost Island RTP is 96.50% and the figure is rather high, considering that 95% is considered to be the average, which means that with the Lost Island RTP you’ve got a higher winning chance by 1.50%, which is not insignificant. Of course, eventually it boils down to having luck on a particular spin, but playing a game that has a higher RTP rate increases your objective chances of being lucky. This game may be called Lost Island, but you certainly won’t be lost with our reviews and guidelines. If you wish to know more about this game, please read our Lost Island review and if you feel that this game is good enough for you, sign up with Secret Slots and claim your bonus.

Lost Island RTP
Lost Island Slot on Secret Slots

RTP Percentage Vs House Advantage

The house edge or house advantage is another term that is tightly related to the RTP, but it shows us the exact opposite of what the RTP shows, i.e. it tells us what the house profit margin is, so if the Lost Island RTP is 96.50%, the house edge would be 3.50%. We get the house advantage percentage when we take the RTP number from 100%. So, this way we can see that higher RTP means a lower profit margin for the house and that entails a higher winning chance for the player.

RTP Is Important

Slot developers in the last years especially have produced some very competitive games in terms of RTP. The reason is that players have become a lot more experienced and educated and they know what RTP is and how it affects their chances, so everybody is looking for the most valuable slots in terms of RTP. On the other hand the RTP is just a theoretical figure, so a slight difference in RTP percentage doesn’t mean that you should ultimately prefer one game over another, or vice versa. It is good to know the RTP though, and if you’re having doubts between two games that look equally good, but one has a higher RTP percentage, then it is wiser to choose the game with a higher RTP.

Last Thoughts

Regardless of everything, if you manage to activate one of the bonus features in Lost Island slot, especially if you manage to activate the Free Spins bonus, you won’t need to worry about the Lost Island RTP too much, because you’ll definitely end up with a lot of cash in your pocket, as the maximum amount that can be won in this bonus feature exceeds £50K.


Slot Details

  • Software NetEnt
  • Paylines 20
  • Reels 5
  • Min Coins Per Line 1
  • Max Coins Per Line 10
  • Jackpot 500
  • RTP 96.50%
  • Free Spins Yes