Even though your choices can’t influence the course and the outcome of the game, since slots are games of chance, there are still things that might help you, especially if you’re playing progressive games like Millionaire Genie. With our Millionaire Genie tips, you will be in a position to understand how this game works, how much you should be wagering if you wish to increase your chances of winning the progressive jackpot, and a lot more.

Millionaire Genie can be played with as little as 15p and up to a maximum of £15, and if we know that for progressive games it is best to play with the highest stake if wish to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot, this game is a good option, considering that the maximum stake is still only £15. It is clear why we included this information in our Millionaire Genie tips. If you wish to know more about this great game and all its features, read our Millionaire Genie review.

Millionaire Genie Tips

Basic Millionaire Genie Tips

So, know you know that if you wish to play for the progressive jackpot which is the main and most significant prize in this game, you will need to wager a bit more, preferably the maximum £15 per spin. Sure, if you wish to ignore the progressive jackpot and play for the lesser prizes, you can stick to 15p, but in that case you could select any other game. Here at Secret Slots we have plenty of amusing non-progressive slot games, including ones with very high RTP percentages.

Most people play progressive jackpot games because they hope that they just might get really lucky and become millionaires with a single spin. That doesn’t happen very often though, but still, these games have a particular appeal exactly due to the fact that they feature such jackpots.

Still, don’t trust people who say that they can predict when a progressive jackpot will be hit, because that simply isn’t possible. Even if you check the average amount at which the jackpot has been hit, it still doesn’t mean that the jackpot will always be hit at that amount, that’s just a figure that shows the average jackpot amount in the past.

Some claim that you shouldn’t be playing immediately after the jackpot has been hit. While it is true that you will be playing for a lower progressive jackpot prize immediately after the jackpot has been hit, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your chance of hitting the jackpot is lower.

Millionaire Genie Tips – RTP

Another interesting fact about Millionaire Genie is that the game RTP may vary, it is usually 95.02%, but it can drop to 93.02%, depending on whether you’re playing with your funds or with free spins or bonus money. Your decisions don’t have an impact on the game, though, so there aren’t many Millionaire Genie tips that we can give you regarding the RTP.

This game is available at Secret Slots, along with many other progressive games, and slot games in general. So, register with Secret Slots today and claim our special welcome bonus!

Slot Details

  • Software Random Logic
  • Paylines 15
  • Reels 5
  • Min Coins Per Line 0.01
  • Max Coins Per Line 1
  • Jackpot 1500
  • RTP 95.02
  • Free Spins Yes