Raging Rhino is a digital slot designed around the magnificent and mighty rhinoceros who can lead you to a bonus prize of £12,000. This is a six-reel slot and 4096 payline slot with a theoretical Return to Player of 95.91%.


Why did WMS Gaming choose the rhino as the main inspiration behind the Raging Rhino slot? The answer may bot be obvious at first but it does have a substantial meaning. The rhino is a magnificent animal with many praisworthy characteristics: it has composure, it stands its ground and it communicates authority. Does the lion stand a chance against a rhino? Not by a long shot. But the better question is, do you stand a chance in the Raging Rhino slots? We’d say yes. Talk in the industry has it that Raging Rhino has been a boon to quite a few casino goers as well as digital casino players. That was good enough for Secret Slots to try and recommend Raging Rhino slot.


This wild Africa-themed slot features the animals that you would associate with the African savanna. The color coding is predominantly turquoise as a backdrop to the numbers and symbols. Behind the play board is a blue sky and beneath it a tall field of grasses. Fused into this soothing scenery is a pink-orange sunshine that fills the middle of the screen with splendor. The symbols are not fully animated but they do glean over and sparkle when become part of a combination, and this is good enough for us because it doesn’t overburden an otherwise relaxing digital slots.

This is a six-reel slot with four rows. Each space is reserved for one symbol. Beneath the play board is the control panel where you can set your bet multiplier and the total amount of your bet. The window to the right displays your winnings and the button next to it is the Spin. The button that is all the way to the left displays the paytable, regular and the special symbols. When you get to the payline window you will see a blank grid and the trademarked title ANY WAY, referring to the ability to score a win in whichever way your symbols strike a combination. In that way Raging Rhino slots is one that stands out, being somewhere in the middle between the typical three-row five-reel slots and the seven-reel slots out there.

How to Play Raging Rhino

Once you have set the amount of your wager and the multiplier just hit Spin button and watch the reels go. You will notice almost immediately that all of the symbols will alternate in few spins because of the expanded reels and rows. The low valued symbols are cards from 9 to Ace and the high valued symbols are the animals in the savanna. There is a cheetah, a crocodile, a gorilla and a creature that we can’t bother for too long to identify – but it’s out there in the savanna. The wild symbol is a gial sun behind a tree and the scatter feature symbol is a beautifully rendered blue diamond.

Raging Rhino slot has a decent score inspired by African percussion music, but what we find a bit disappointing is that the different tracks stop cold with every spin. At any rate, the music does fit the overall theme of the slot and is a contribution to the overall gambling experience.

Raging Rhino Slot Review Secret Slots

How to Win Raging Rhino

The first order of business is how to set up your wager so that it is aligned with your deposit and extend your gameplay. Considering that the highest win is £12,000 we think that it should generate the conditions to get the player closer to that number more often than seldom. After all, this isn’t an incredibly high jackpot compared to other slots, yet it is an amount that can be a welcome refreshment. So you can find your preferred betting altitude between the bet multiplier and the total bet.

The advantage of the more than usual reels and rows is in the total number of symbols that can occur across the board. So you can land anywhere between three and six diamonds to get either 8, 15, 20 or amazing 50 free spins. The number of the scatter symbols that you land also pays a certain amount of coin – the highest being 400 for six diamonds.

During Free Spins feature you can score additional free spins based on how many additional diamonds land in the reels. Furthermore, the Wild card acts as a major booster to your wager won. If a wild appears as part of any combination of symbols in reels 2, 3, 4 and 5, the wild card adds 2x multiplier.

The title-giving symbol of the Raging Rhino slots is the rhinoceros, and this is the highest of the picture symbols. We have yet to conclude whether we are wrong about the idea that the Raging Rhino symbol truly appears more frequently than all the other symbols, but let’s leave that up to the players who are in it for the big win to find out.

What we Think

Raging Rhino slot is fun to play and calls to attention the rhinoceros as one of the most unique animals in the animal kingdom. This beautifully-designed digital and video slot is featured in the best online casinos as well as land-based casinos across the world. This is telling of the slot’s popularity and the mechanics behind it, which must have proved worthwhile to casino-goers, as we have exactly heard. Raging Rhino slot captivates with the manner of play. It is not one of those slow-paced slots, neither is it zippy. You are in full control of the level of the multiplier on your wager, which is an excellent feature, plus, this is a 4096 payline slot that can pay Any Way there is a winning combo. All in all, Raging Rhino slots is recommended to any slots player out there, whether the play is for entertainment or for the win.

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