Rainbow Fortunes slot is a very colourful game, developed by PariPlay. It is available at a range of online casinos, including of course, Secret Slots. This game is quite different in terms of visual outlook, control panel and a lot of other elements, compared to other online slots.

Keep reading our review of Rainbow Fortunes to find out more about this PariPlay creation and all its features. We’ll give you a bit more thorough insight into this game, its symbols, control panel, visual and sound effects, the bonus features and everything else that you might want to know about it.

Rainbow Fortunes Overview

To say that this game is colourful is a bit of an understatement. The reels are in the colours of the rainbow, the top reel is red, then the one below is yellow, the middle one is green and the bottom two are blue and purple respectively. There are five symbols across a payline.

Rainbow Fortunes slot features a total of five symbols, all in accordance with the theme. There’s a diamond, a flying star, a heart, a shamrock and a horseshoe. Behind and one each side of the grid you will notice trees with leaves falling from them.

Left of the reels you will notice three pots o’ gold and they can be filled if pots appear on the reels. One pot on the reels fills another pot placed left of the reels. The sounds are quite cheerful and match the visual appearance of the game.

The buttons are quite large and set right of the reels, whereas the play amount button is on the tree placed left of the reels. The game is described as a match-style game, but it also comes with two mini games. As with other games Rainbow Fortunes slot is also a game of chance and the things you do cannot influence its outcome.

How To Play Rainbow Fortunes Slot

Before you start playing this game, you will need to select an amount you wish to wager. It starts at 10p per game up to £20. Compared to other online slots, we can say that Rainbow Fortunes has a pretty low maximum stake rate, but it complete matches the game style.

Once you press play on Rainbow Fortunes, you can choose whether you wish to reveal all symbols immediately, on click on a particular symbol as you’d want to reveal it. A win occurs when you get a minimum of three instances of the same symbol across a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, so pretty much, any line.

When it comes to buttons and commands, we already mentioned that the play amount can be adjusted via the plus and minus buttons placed on the tree positioned left of the reels, whereas the other three buttons are on the right side and there you can choose to set the auto play, the play button, which becomes reveal all once it has been clicked. The prize chart button allows you to see the prizes you could win in this game.

Final thing that should be said on this game and the way to play it is regarding the symbols that fall onto the reels. You can choose to reveal all of them right after a spin, or you could click each position once in order to have the symbol appear.

How To Win Rainbow Fortunes

The amount that you could win when playing Rainbow Fortunes slots depends on the amount you play with. If you’re playing with a single quid per spin then your maximum potential winnings would amount to £10,000, whereas if you play with as much as £20 you could be able to win £200,000.

The minimum amount you could win in Rainbow Fortunes is an amount equal to your wager, if you get only three horseshoes or shamrocks. For four horseshoes you will get an amount double what you’ve wagered and for four shamrocks you would get an amount five-fold your wager.

Even though the horseshoe and the shamrock are less valuable than the other symbols, you would still get your stake multiplied by 20 and 50 respectively, if you hit five horseshoes or shamrocks respectively.

The heart and the flying star pay more, you can get £100 with a £1 wager if you hit five hearts, and £500 with a one-quid wager for five stars.

Finally, we have the diamond, the most valuable symbol in Rainbow Fortunes. This symbol could generate a win that’s 100 times your wager for just three symbols across a line and if you’re lucky enough to hit four or five you could win up to 1,000 or even 10,000 times what you’ve staked.

Rainbow Fortunes Bonus Features

Rainbow Fortunes slot comes with two bonus features, there’s a Lucky Barrel bonus and a Pots O’ Gold bonus.

In addition to standard symbols, pots of gold can also appear on the reels, and each pot awards you an amount equal to the amount you’ve wagered. So, if you play with one quid, you will get £1 for a single pot o’ gold and £2 for two. Three pots o’ gold trigger the Pots O’ Gold bonus. When the bonus is triggered, three new pots appear, and you get to choose one. The chosen pot reveals your prize.

Then, we have the Lucky Barrel bonus round. If a wooden plank appears on the reels, then the Barrel bonus will be triggered. Then a mini game is prompted, and you need to click Spin. The wheel starts spinning and if it lands on a particular amount you get that amount added to your bonus tab. Then it spins again and if again an amount is won, this amount too will be added to your bonus. The wheel will keep on spinning unless it lands on collect, or you win an amount on eight consecutive occasions.

Our Rainbow Fortunes Review

This is an exciting, albeit a somewhat unusual game. The two bonus features definitely spice up the gameplay and can generate some neat wins as well. This is a game that was developed by IWG and we have to say that it is one of their top titles.

Play Rainbow Fortunes at Secret Slots, right after you register and claim your bonus!

Slot Details

  • Software IWG
  • Paylines 0
  • Reels 5
  • Min Coins Per Line 1
  • Max Coins Per Line 1
  • Jackpot 200,000
  • RTP 86.70
  • Free Spins No