Net Entertainment continues to surprise us with amazing online video games and this time we are stunned by the cool Starburst slot. And if you want to find out more about the Starburst RTP, you are in the right place!


Starburst Slot Summary

Starburst slot is another masterpiece from the Net Entertainment software platform. The gameplay itself is super entertaining and that is why the developers didn’t include any bonus features. And believe us when we tell you that you won’t even notice that there aren’t any bonus features. The main reason for this is that you when spinning the reels of Starburst slot, you will have a chance to win the amazing jackpot of x50000 of your initial bet.

Starburst has a relatively high return to player percentage, which makes this game even more special. The Starburst RTP is 96.10%. Click here to read our entire Starburst Review. However, if you have any questions about the RTP meaning, then we suggest that you read this page all the way through!


What is Return to Player (RTP)?

Return to Player or RTP is a term that describes a percentage of the wagered money that will be won back by the player. So, let’s take Starburst slot as an example, which has a return to player rate of 96.10%. This means that if you play a certain slot game around 100 times and each time you place a £1 bet, after all those 100 games, you will get back around £96.


What is House Edge?

The opposite term of return to player is the house edge. The house edge is another statistical calculation that describes the percentage that the casino will keep from your total wagered money. It is easy to calculate this percentage, especially if you know the RTP. And vice versa, if you know the house edge percentage, you can easily calculate the RTP rate. So, for example, the theoretical Starburst RTP is 96.10%. Take out the RTP percentage from 100 and you will get your house edge rate. 100% – 96.10% = 3.90%. So, there you go, the house edge rate for Starburst is 3.90%.


Here are some examples of the return to player and house edge percentages of different online games.


Let’s start with roulette. The average RTP is 94.74% and the average house edge is 5.26%.

The next game is craps, where the average house edge is 1.41%. If you’ve played this game before, then you know that it doesn’t require any strategy. That is why the craps have a return to player rate of 98.59%. The RTP for Jacks or Better with the “9/6” pay table is 99.54%. On the other hand, the one with the “8/5” pay table, has an average RTP of 97.30%.


Slot Details

  • Software NetEnt
  • Paylines 10
  • Reels 5
  • Min Coins Per Line 1
  • Max Coins Per Line 10
  • Jackpot 250
  • RTP 96.10
  • Free Spins No