There are countless different slot machines that a player will notice at land-based and online casinos. Some are fairly simple, though technologically updated, games that have a lot in common with slots that would have been seen in a casino in the 1970’s. Other games are completely different, with tons of features, celebrity themes, multiple bonus features and unique look on them. All of them, however, have something in common, and that’s the base jackpot that a slog cam offer. These jackpots are different from the progressive jackpots that you are used on seeing and used reading about. So, what are non-progressive jackpot? how to get them, where to see them? We get a lot of questions regarding the non-progressive jackpots, and that’s what we will be speaking about in this article.

What Are Non-Progressive Jackpots?

What are non-progressive jackpots? One of the most commonly asked questions is here, and it’s not a surprise. A lot of the online sites, affiliates and even the casinos don’t have it explained, and people who have not been playing slot games a lot and are just starting out may mix the two terms.

A non-progressive jackpot, or a regular jackpot, is present in any slot game and it’s basically the highest prize that you can get. Even if the slot has a progressive jackpot in it, there is also a non-progressive jackpot that is given to people who manage to land five of the best awarding symbols.

The progressive jackpot usually has its own symbol which rewards it, and the normal jackpot takes one of the normal symbols to pay out and show what it can do.

Progressive vs. Non-Progressive Jackpot

This is also one of the most asked questions regarding the jackpots in any slot game. To be honest, the answer is pretty simple, but that may be because we’ve reviewed tons of slot games and written a lot of articles on the slots theme, so let’s do it one more time.

Let’s start with the progressive jackpot. What is a progressive jackpot? First of all, this is a jackpot that’s not fixed at a certain amount or number as it increases as more and more people play that particular machine or also, often, a group of machines that are linked with the same progressive jackpot. This is often called a bank of slot machines or in some cases a group of affiliated casinos which collaborate and have one merged jackpot.

The long-running and popular Megabucks machines found in many Nevada casinos are an example of a networked progressive jackpot. The jackpot grows as players all over the state play until the jackpot reaches the millions of dollars. Once someone hits the jackpot the process begins a new and the jackpot is reset. In fact, the starting amount of a progressive jackpot is referred to as the reset.

On the other hand, a non-progressive jackpot is the one who has a fixed price. Many of these slot machines have a more traditional look, but that doesn’t have to be the case. We can see the bars, cherries and sevens there, as well as the old traditional look where there are three reels and one payline. The slots which are developed in recent years almost all seem to have a progressive jackpot.

Most of the time—but not always—slot machines with non-progressive jackpots don’t have the fancy feeling in them. The top jackpot on this machine never changes regardless of how long it goes between jackpots, how many coins have been inserted, how much the reels have been spun or any other influential factor.

Which One To Play?

Now comes the hard part, or actually the easiest one, if you already know what you like and what you don’t want.

Why would anyone play a machine with a lower jackpot? it’s it more logical to go for the slots that offer a higher jackpot?

It’s a little more complex than that. The most important part to remember that you are more likely to walk away with a non-progressive jackpot win than to land a progressive jackpot on your account. That’s what the odds are telling, as well as the data that we have of people playing slots.

It’s not easy to quantify the exact odds on a slot machine. None of the players knows how the game is designed and they have no idea of the possibilities that are present in the slot machines. Unlike the slots, for example, the video poker odds can easily be calculated. For that reason, it’s not possible to specify that certain machines are more ‘player friendly‘ than other machines. But it’s not a secret that non-progressive slots have higher chances of paying out their jackpot in comparison to the progressive jackpot slots.

On the other hand, it depends on what you want to achieve when playing the games. Do you want to get entertained and to grind out a profit or you want to be the lucky one to take home the jackpot prize? How much can you tolerate risk and losing money? how big is your pocket? These questions should be answered before you engage into playing a slot machine.

How about the symbols that you want to play? Do you have any particular theme, stile like the traditional ones or you want to go for the modern slot machines and experience the fancy designs and bonus features that are with them?

We’ have talked more about progressive and non-progressive machines in some of the other articles that we have on the site, where you can see the strategies and tips for each included. It’s important for every slot player to understand the difference between the two types of jackpots and know which type is most appropriate for their bankroll, goals, and playing style.

We hoped we answered What are non-progressive jackpots, so answer the questions and see which one suits you the most.

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