Bingo has achieved an immense expansion in the United Kingdom. Before the internet revolution Bingo was a pastime but not one that was enjoyed by everyone. Bingo was reserved to the community halls across the UK and the United States, and some private bingo halls, both of which were frequented by the elderly. Sadly we have to emphasize the stereotype for all the good reasons – because it has become obsolete and that is all thanks to online bingo.

Popular Bingo Sites in the UK

Today there are dozens upon dozens of bingo sites. These are not so ubiquitous as the online casinos, but they do hold their own and have registered an expansion due to the demand for bingo. Indeed, today even the young, that is those who rate everything according to their own ‘yuck’ factor, have opted for playing the game with their friends. Indeed, there are so many bingo sites and many are great, some are not too great, but they all invite the players with welcome bonuses.

And as you may have known, the welcome bonuses at both online casinos and online bingo sites are tied to wagering requirements. So let’s take a look at what this is, what type of bingo sites you will encounter on the internet and, most importantly for this guide – what are the best bingo sites with no wagering requirements? And certainly, there are no wagering bingo sites in the UK.

What Type Of Bingo Sites Are There?

We can split all the UK bingo sites into two. There are bingo sites that offer bingo and nothing else and there are sites that offers online slots besides a number of diverse bingo rooms. We are naturally interested in the latter because these offer a full gaming experience. There is sound logic behind the decision of online bingo providers to pair this game with slots. Bingo room-only tends to appear a bit bland, as there is not much more to it. On the other hand, whenever the player decides to take a break from bingo and try his or her luck on slots, they are right there, a click away and ready to be played.

This also makes it easier and a lot more entertaining when it comes to putting together welcome bonuses. The good bingo sites usually give bonuses in bingo tickets and free spins on the slots. These are part of the same deal and the players appreciate it that they can play both games on a bonus. But just what kind of welcome bonuses are there? And what about the wagering requirements. Here we will get to the matter of what are the best bingo sites with no wagering requirements.

What Type of Welcome Bonuses Are There For Bingo?

The welcome bonuses on bingo sites come in few varieties. To understand the first variety first we need to understand the bingo rooms. A bingo rooms is a place where the player can ‘enter’ on the online bingo site and play for the specified jackpot. Each bingo room has its own buy-in for the price per ticket and there is no exception across the different bingo platforms. Usually the bingo sites have close to a dozen or more bingo rooms, some with easy jackpots of few pounds, and others with prizes that are in the thousands, and even more.

The welcome bonuses at bingo sites in the UK may be tied to a specific room. Let’s say there is a room where the ticket price is £3 and the total prize for scoring a bingo is £300. When claiming the welcome bonus the player will get, say £15 or £30 to play at that specific room.

Another type of welcome bonus may get you both bonus money that you can use to play at any bingo room, plus a number of free spins on the slots. The free spins are usually tied to one specific slot game, or it could be a couple. Some bingo sites offer bonus money for bingo and a group of slot games from which the player can choose to play on one.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

A wagering requirement is in simple terms a condition that applies to the players who have claimed a bonus and landed a winning combination with it. The wagering requirement basically requires of the player the play over the amount of money that has been part of the bonus during which he or she has won an amount of money which is to be withdrawn. Players need not worry about the wagering requirements if they are going to continue playing with the amount they have won. If a big win occurs and the player wants to withdraw it, a wagering requirement of, say 25x, would mean the player needs to play over the bonus amount that many times. And, surprise surprise, some bingo sites don’t have that condition, so, what are the best bingo sites with no wagering requirements?

The Best Bingo Sites With No Wagering Requirements

Here is a brief list of the bingo sites that dish out excellent welcome bonuses but don’t set forth any wagering requirements, such as playing over the bonus money a specific number of times.

Hunky Bingo

This is both a bingo site and a slots site, such as is the norm for bingo sites in the United Kingdom. The theme of Hunky Bingo is a beach where the hunks are lifeguards and the bingo rooms are plentiful in prizes. Check out their web for the latest bonus on bingo and slots

Blighty Bingo

This is one of UK’s most favorite bingo site. They have a running ad on television where they invite the nation to join good old Blighty and play bingo and slots. Theirs is a no wagering site that runs on the famed Dragonfish platform which also has a stellar selection of slots.

Kozmo Bingo

If you are looking for what are the best bingo sites with no wagering requirements, you have found the third in the list. Kozmo Bingo has Kozmic bonuses that take you to the stars and back each time you play. That’s a graphic way to say that they have great welcome bonuses that you can claim from their site – and wagering free too!

If you are up for bingo and slots then check out these sites – but if you wish to play slots only then Secret Slots is here for you.

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