With casinos dishing out amazing welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions, and with the constant updating of games, the world of online gaming has experienced an amazing expansion. There are millions of players who enjoy slots and casino card and table games and they are pretty well informed about what games are available and where. On the other hand, all the new subscribers are looking for their way around and asking the question, what card games are played in casinos. We are going to take a look at the matter and provide some insights into the most widely played casino card games, their variants and the winning odds of each. But first, some background information on online casinos.

The first online casino emerged in 1994. It ran on one of the world’s top developers of gaming software – Microgaming – a company based on Island of Man in the UK. Even before they launched the online casino, Microgaming were working on casino software that included card and table games. When the internet evolved just enough to allow these type of light games to be played online, they jumped into it and thanks to a security protocol that enabled the transferring of funds between accounts, called Cryptologic, they were able to offer the first for-money online casino games. Fast forward couple of years and the online casino evolution had just taken a big leap forward. Online casinos are not just few in number now and their offering of games had expanded immensely.

Still, that is not where online casinos get their expansion. Once broadband internet became available to more and more people, the number of players skyrocketed and the games started to become more sophisticated and a lot more fun to play. The continuation of this evolution of sorts enabled the casinos to provide online poker and holdem tournaments, which are two of the most popular casino card games in the world. So let’s get into it and see how online casinos today are doing in terms of their offering of games and bonuses. This may open up a window into what card games are played in casinos.

What Type Of Online Casinos Are There?

We can distinguish between three types of online casinos. There are the big casinos that offer online slots, card and table games, sports betting and more. The few that are most widely known are Paddy Power, Betfair, Ladbrokes, 888 Casino and some other. These offer the card games and a nice variety of them.

Next on the list are the mid-tier casinos which offer everything but sports betting, and we like that. Unless you like to play slots or virtual poker in between horse races, then you are welcome to head to these casinos, which offer slots and table and card games.

Last but not least are slots sites and bingo sites. We group these two together because they offer primarily slots games and bingo, while some may have a number of casino games, but not a terribly expansive selection in all honesty. Still, these do exist and have good welcome bonuses that could be claimed.

So it is very important that you head to the right online casino when you want to play your favorite card game. You won’t go wrong with any of the casinos that have a license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and a way to check this is to scroll at the bottom of the page. There you will see which gaming authority vouches the veracity of the casino, which is a way of stating that it complies with the country’s rules and regulations, and that its casino games and slots are safe, meaning, they have been tested and are fair.

What Card Games Are Played In Casinos On The Net?

We suspect you can imagine that the most popular casino games are poker, blackjack and holdem. We haven’t been able to conclude how many variants there are of these games, but in all likelihood there may as well be a dozen per each game. What is more, one of these games (have you guessed it?) has the best Return to Player probability outcome of any other casino card game. That game is called Blackjack and some of its variants have a better RTP then the other. The other two are just as fun and in all fairness, a lot more popular than blackjack.

Poker and Texas Holdem are globally popular as we know that there are international tournaments taking place in many locations around the world that attract players from everywhere. There are high stakes poker tournaments and regular stakes, open for all games. What is more, these games can get so competitive that the revelers enjoy some intense bouts of bluffing and all-in bets that can put an entire table on the edge.

Card Games With High RTP

As we said, blackjack has the highest RTP of all casino card games. The house edge for blackjack is only 0.5%, but it should be noted that the caveat is, that RTP will come forward with “regular play”, that is, no card counting on the part of anyone. The casinos are aware that some players have a proclivity for counting cards, which does tip the favor to their end just slightly. Still, even if you don’t count cards, the low return to player theoretical outcome makes this game worth playing, which it nevertheless is.

Then there is Texas Holdem, which also has high RTP. When you play at a real table the RTP variance is unknown because it depends very much how many players are in the game and how good they are, which determines the rhythm of the game. Playing virtual texas holdem may be a lot of fun if you are into that, in which case, the RTP is above 97% and potentially a percentage higher than that.

Regular poker is a similar story. Virtual poker games at online casinos are sometimes presented along with the RTP ratio, however, a live poker game will most certainly have a very different RTP outcome. At any rate, if you have gotten a satisfactory answer to the question what card games are played in casinos, you can explore any of these games online.

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