Many people are visiting online casinos on daily basis. There are lots of them who will be going on trips to some of the most famous land-based casinos, while other people will pursue the big bucks on their screens, whether that’s a tablet, laptop or smartphone.

All of these people are looking for the same thing, and that’s the best game they can play. What casino game has the best chance of winning? Which game should you pursue, and which one should you stay clear from? All of these questions are constantly asked by the potential players, that’s why we’ve decided to include this in our article, so if you are one of those players, and want to know more about the casino odds and which game you should play, you are on the right place.

What Casino Game Has The Best Chance Of Winning?

Before we go in the games themselves, we just want you to know that the information in this text is taken from the insides of two casinos here in London, and we’ve spoken to the game managers to find out exactly what casino game has the best chance of winning and which ones offer the best house edge.

Table Games

The casino players don’t realize that the table games have one of the best odds in the casino games. They are intimidated by the card sharks and when they think of the cards, they remember Texas Hold’em tournaments and how risky they are, so they love to stick to the safest looking option – slots. Slots look more elegant, have a lot of interesting colours and sounds, and it’s the brightest one in the casino. People love playing slots for a number of reasons, but are the slots really the game with the best chance of winning? We’ll get to that in a bit.

For now, the advice that the casino manager gave us is that it’s okay to play slots, but after you’ve spent some time on the slots, move on to the blackjack table, but start by observing, not playing the game.


According to the game manager, blackjack is the game you want to be playing if you want the best chance of winning. It has a house edge of just one per cent, and that’s ridiculously low. Another thing to add here is that you are playing against the dealer and his cards, not against some poker champions in disguise.

It’s also one of the easiest games to play as all you have to do is to beat the dealer’s number without going over 21. If you are new, you can use some of the less busy hours in the day as the afternoon to ask the dealer – they will almost always take some time to explain you the rules.


On the other hand, the poker is a different game and you should always consider playing the game at home first, with your friends or practice online for free before participating in any tournament.

The poker is definitely a game which requires a lot of attention, a bit of maths and a lot more concentration and knowledge. The rules are not that simple as well, so you will need a lot of practice of the game before going in a real casino or participate in some of their tournaments.


This game should be the next stop to every player, right after the blackjack. The roulette is one of the most common games which you will find in every casino, and it’s also one of the easiest to play. The wheel turns and you need to guess the exact number, quarter, or colour. Depending on what you bet on, the payouts can be quite a bit sometimes – and of course, if you are lucky. You can bet on two, three or four numbers or even a whole line, odds vs evens or by different categories which you can find on the Roulette table as soon as you sit and start playing on it. Pick the one which you think suits you the most and go for it.

If you only stick to the colours, and you land a red one, you will walk away with a double of what you’ve bet, and that’s an acceptable amount.

Slot Machines

There we are, to all players’ favourite casino game, the slot machine. These are the shiniest, loudest and most played games in the casino, and as soon as you enter the casino, you can see why – there are jackpots all over the place, the sound of coins and reel spinning makes you want to try them, but are the slots the casino game that has the best chance of winning?

According to the game managers we asked, the slots have the lowest return to player from all the casino games with an average of 95, while the table games have above 98%. There are some slots which fail to cope with the standards of the online slot machines and are rebels, but here we like them, as they have a Return to player of over 98%. These slots are the ones you want to be playing as they have a higher chance of returning you some funds.


A real surprise for us, as we thought the slot games are the ones everybody loves because of their return to player percentage, but it turned out people were only attracted because of their looks, sound and cover.

So, What casino game has the best chance of winning?

We will have to go with the Blackjack and the Roulette as they are 98+% RTP, but if you manage to find a slot where the RTP is over 98% you should go for it, as that’s one of the main suggestions by both Game Managers that we’ve spoken to.

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