Online slots differ in many features from traditional land-based slot machines. Starting with their availability, design and themes, all the way to the technology they integrate. Although the gameplay and objective of the game remain unchanged, there are certain elements in online slots which have advanced greatly. One such element is the Random Number Generator (RNG), which is the technology that is used to drive slots. Anyone unfamiliar with slots will instantly ask such questions as “what is an RNG” and “what does an RNG do”.

So, to help such players find the answers to their questions, we have decided to create this article to make the things much clearer. Let’s start with the basics of RNG.

What Is An RNG?

As we have already stated in the section above, RNG stands for Random Number Generator which is one of the main technological advances that drive slots. While traditional slot machines relied on physical reels and were completely mechanical, modern slots are equipped with a complex microchip which could be described as the soul of slots. This microchip runs the entire slot and makes the landing of winning combinations on the reels as random as possible.

Types Of RNGs

Currently, there are two types of RNG that are used in slots: Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG) and Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG).

Regardless of whether they are used in slots or not, most of the random numbers used in computer programs today are pseudo-random. This means that they are generated in a predictable fashion by using some complex mathematical formula. This is the main reason why software developers will often have mathematicians employed in their companies working alongside developers and designers.

Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG)

Typically, the hardware random number generator is some sort of external device which is connected to the USB port of the server of the casino. Its main task is to generate random numbers, using compound values as its starting point.

One example of a hardware random number generator can be some sort of a mechanism which is used to record the radioactive isotope generating a different number of electrons each second. This is the amount that comes out as the core number from which the algorithm of the random number generator generates the result. This could be the spinning of the roulette wheel or the reel set of the slot.

Currently, there are various starting points that are being used to generate numbers, but they cannot be predicted and are produced either by atmospheric phenomena or physical objects. Hardware Number Generators are mainly used at land-based casinos or arcades.

Pseudo-random Number Generator (PRNG)

As stated in the sections above, the pseudo-random number generator is a program code which makes use of mathematical algorithms, designed by a software developer, to generate a random number. Software developers usually create their own software algorithm to simulate the randomness of a roulette wheel.

So, we’re getting closer to the answer to “what does an RNG do”. The software algorithm in slots continuously calculates the next result without stop. When you press the Spin button on the machine, you expect to land a winning combination, but the truth is that the combination of appearing symbols is randomly predetermined even before you kick off the reel set.

The algorithm uses numbers with thousands of digits as its starting point to create a random combination. For an illustration, the algorithm commonly uses the number π which is a sequence of more than 5 trillion digits. So, if you think that it is easy to predict the consistency and anticipate the outcome of a certain online slots, think again. This sort of mechanism is used mainly in online gambling.

What Does An RNG Do In A Slot?

One thing is sure, the RNG is always working hard. As long as the slot is in operation and works without any problems, the RNG will continue to produce random numbers every millisecond. AS the name itself implies, the main function of the RNG is to generate random numbers. The value of the numbers is further translated into a specific set of numbers to make them correspond to the symbols you see on the reels of the slot.

As stated in the text above, every outcome of a spin has been predetermined by the number generated by the RNG when the player pushes the spin button or pulls the lever of the slot machine.

So, to reiterate, all functions of the random generator are carried out through a special algorithm. This algorithm makes use of series of instructions when generating the numbers. This ensures that the outcome is completely random and impartial.

Is It Possible To Hack Into An RNG?

As with all gaming-related products, the software algorithms used by the RNG use a crypto-resistant mechanism. This mechanism was previously used to store passwords, so, it is more than certain that it performs a degree of protection against hacking into the RNG.

So, is it possible to hack into an RNG and use it to gain large winnings?  In theory, there is a slight possibility to do this, but it is very complicated, and it would take A LOT of time. For such a long time, the system will surely be alarmed, and security services will probably fix the suspicious activity.

The Importance Of A Random Number Generator

The RNG has quite an important role in slots because it ensures absolute randomness of the results from the spin. This technology is constantly developing, so a generator produced ten years ago will certainly lag behind more recent models. Modern models provide a multistage protection by implementing complex algorithms which make it impossible to hack the RNG.

When you see that an operator has an RNG certificate of compliance, you can stay assured that the casino is a transparent one and can be trusted. With the RNG, players get a real chance of winning big payouts and jackpots when spinning the reels.

Now that you know the function of an RNG, claim your welcome bonus from Secret Slots and play for the chance to win excellent rewards!

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