Contemplating the complexity or, conversely, the simplicity of slots machines may get us somewhere, but one still faces the matter of not knowing what are the components that comprise the game. Many players head to the land casinos or pick their online casino and play the slots without having any previous knowledge about how to configure a slot’s wager or where to find the information about the gameplay, the return to player theoretical probability, the bonus features and so on. This is why we will give some insight to the question What is a Paytable?

What is a Paytable on a Slot?

Put in simple terms, the paytable is the bulletin board that the software developers use to put up information about the slot game. Precisely, the paytable will always contain information pertaining to the symbols’ value, or in other words, how much they pay in the various instances when part of a winning combination. This is valuable information to players who take a little bit more time to find a slot game that they are going to play for some time. For that reason the checking out the paytable is the first order of business, as the players want to see the worth of the symbols and other information that has to do with the winnings. So it is important to know what is a paytable.

What is a Payline?

Other such information concerns the paylines. If you haven’t heard of this term, we are going to explain it as succinctly as possible. A payline is literally a line that is drawn as a straight vector, as a zig-zag line or in several other ways across the slot’s reel-set. The area that is covered by the payline results in a winning combination when the specific combination of symbols fals in that area. Let’s give an example. A slot of three reels and three rows will most certainly have a payline across the center three symbols. So if the winning combination contains three cherries, there will be a payout whenever the three cherries land on that payline.

Information pertaining to the paylines will be included in the paytable. The player may scroll the pages of the ‘bulletin board’ to the left or right and discover where the paylines have been drawn. Some slots have the paylines marked by numbers on the reel-set itself, and as long as we are not talking about some dated, mechanical classic slot machine, the software will display the paylines on the screen whenever a winning combination occurs. Modern slots games don’t leave you without that information, so rest assured that you will not miss out any winnings because the slots register each one automatically.

Bonus Features on the Paytable

Next on the list of paytable inventory is information about the bonus features, at least for those slot games that have such a feature. A slot game may have one or bonus feature, or more, and usually the rules and ways of triggering these games is displayed on the paytable. Some players do want to know how many scatter or bonus symbols are needed to trigger a game, and whether the bonus rounds, such as the free spins can be re-triggered by landing additional symbols, or whether the Wild is sticky or whether it expands. This kind of information is especially important when trying to find out what is a paytable.

Where To Find The Paytable?

Some slots games have a reel-set and an interface that hide all the less necessary information, except the spin button or the field that sets the wager. At any rate, the paytable is always there as part of the slot game, and it will always be accessible with the click of a button. Usually the button that displays it is a the ‘info’ symbol that is typically represented by the stylized letter ‘i’, or there will be a symbol of a trophy or simply a question mark. This will pull out the table, which in most slots games has more than one page, however, in simpler games there may as well be one page crammed with information.

What Other Information is on the Paytable?

Some other important information may be located on the paytable. It all depends on the game that you are viewing information about. Some slots have information that is relevant to the maximum payout, so there may be information that states the amount that the game can pay out in total. Other games have information such as whether the free spins games can be retriggered or not. There are also technical information such as the cases in which payments are voided, and that is usually when the game’s software has been tampered with.

Return to Player on the Paytable

Many slots developers started to include the RTP on the paytable. This piece of information is perhaps one of the more valuable to the slots players, because it specifies the theoretical volatility of the slot game. The Return to Player is the theoretical outcome for the return of the funds per an indeterminate number of spins. Some jurisdictions require the slots games to display that value, so the developers have been inclined to include that information within the paytable, for the players’ consideration. This is a great piece of information to have, so when ever wanting to know what is a paytable, consider it as a source of information for the Return to Player theoretical outcome, according to which some players decide whether or not to place a specific slot game.

Concluding Remarks

The paytables contain important information, so it is always good to know how to access it and what information may be found on this online slots ‘bulletin board’. For those players who search for progressive jackpot slots or jackpot slots, the paytable notes how big is the pot or what is the maximum payout of a game. Whatever the reason may be for you looking for the paytable information, this answers the question.

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