The competition in the online gambling industry has become so great that casino operators have to constantly come up with new ideas on how to attract customers to their establishments. Very often you’ll find such phrases in your search results as claim free spins, no deposit bonus and free play bonus, to name just a few. These are some of the promotions that online casinos offer to players as a sign-up bonus to make them choose their online establishment over their competitor’s.

Players new to online gambling will certainly raise the question “what is a sign-up bonus”, which is a legitimate question. In this article, we’ll try to give you the answer to this question and go in as many details as possible to tell you what you can get when claiming this bonus.

What Is A Sign-Up Bonus In Online Casino?

A sign-up bonus, also known as casino welcome bonus, is a bonus that is offered to each player when they register an account with an online casino and make an initial deposit. Sign-up bonuses come in many forms, with some being more common than others. If you want to find out what are the most common types of welcome bonuses used by online casinos, keep on reading!

Most Common Types Of Sign-Up Bonuses

As we have mentioned in the section above, certain types of sign-up bonuses are more common in online casinos than others. However, when registering for an account with an online casino, you should always go with the casino that offers a sign-up bonus that meets your needs the best. All sign-up bonuses come with certain Terms and Conditions attached to them, so it is a good thing to read the fine letters first and then register and claim your sign-up bonus.

So, when you make a minimum deposit, detailed in the casino’s Terms and Conditions section, the casino will credit a certain amount on your account. Let’s say you decide to make a deposit of £100. The casino will then credit your account another £100 free, giving you a total of £200 to play with.

However, you should be aware that you are required to wager a certain amount of funds before you are allowed to withdraw the bonus from your account. This is known as wagering requirements, which are used as a protection measure against bonus abusers. Casinos usually specify the wagering requirements either as a multiple of the bonus amount or a multiple of the deposit and bonus.

Free Spins

Free Spins are one of the most common sign-up bonuses offered by online casinos. Usually, casinos offer free spins for a specific slot game, the one that they are promoting, but sometimes they are offering free spins for all slot games on their menu. The free spins are credited to your account and you can play with them as soon as you log into your account at the online casino.

Free Play Bonuses

Free Play bonuses are yet another way on which online casinos try to attract new players to their establishments. A free play bonus consists of a certain number of credits added to your account by the casino. These credits have a certain time period within which you need to use them before they disappear from your account. This is one of the rarest sign-up bonuses out there, but it exists.

Cashable vs Non-Cashable Bonuses

Depending on whether you can keep the bonus after you meet the wagering requirements or not, bonuses can be divided into cashable and non-cashable bonuses.

A cashable or redeemable bonus is the one that lets players keep the bonus money after they’ve met the wagering requirements. On the other hand, if you can’t withdraw the money that the casino gives you to play with, then you have an instance of non-cashable or “phantom” bonus. When you decide to withdraw the money, the bonus amount is removed from your casino account and your balance is set to zero.

Non-cashable bonuses are often incorrectly called sticky bonuses, which are yet another type of casino bonus that you cannot withdraw. They are called sticky bonuses because the bonus money remains or sticks in your account even though you have requested a withdrawal. This money stays into your account allowing you to play even more and win even more.

Another part of the answer to “what are sign-up bonuses”, gives details on the cashable bonuses. As one would expect, they are more valuable than non-cashable bonuses mainly because you can cash them. However, cashable bonuses tend to be of a smaller amount in general. Although you can’t cash them, non-cashable bonuses have their own value. If you are a slots player, non-cashable bonuses can get you more spins which equals to more chances to land a huge jackpot.

Are Sign-Up Bonuses A Scam?

Players looking for an answer to “what is a sign-up bonus”, will Inevitably ask the question of whether these bonuses are some sort of scam from casinos. As we have stated in the opening paragraph, sign-up bonuses are a way to attract new players to register an account with the casino.

They have evolved over the years and currently, there are bonuses with increased wagering requirements, but the number of games on which you can play with the bonus has decreased. This was done because there were a lot of bonus abusers which made a profit in the long run.

That’s why today we have a situation of sign-up bonuses with high wagering requirements which make it almost impossible to withdraw funds on the short term if you land a win. However, there’s always an option. If you don’t want to be tied with the terms and conditions of the sign-up bonus, you can opt to not claim it when you create your account with the casino. It’s as simple as ticking a box in the registration bonus and you can play and withdraw your winnings right away!

Now that you know what types of sign-up bonuses are available to players, claim your bonus from Secret Slots and play for the chance to win excellent cash amounts!

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