In the start of the online casino community, there were only a few casinos that you could play a certain selection of slots and they weren’t offering any deals to the players. As time passed by, more and more casinos started to appear, making the competition a lot bigger and bitter. This called for an action by the casinos and they had to do something to impress and invite the players on their pages.

Some started implementing interesting and unique games while others would offer a customer support throughout the whole day. There were VIP programs and tiers, all of the casinos went for the welcome bonuses as their main attention grabber, so, what is a welcome bonus and how you can get one as an online casino player?

These, together with a lot similar question revolving around the welcome bonus are answered in this article, so if you want to find out more, stick around.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus is the first thing that you see right next to the casino name on whichever affiliate site you go. It’s the very 1st thing you see on the big banners once you enter the casinos themselves, and the first thing you receive from the casino as a thank you note for deciding to choose them over the other casinos.

The welcome bonus is the very 1st promotion that the casinos usually give to the players that make the very 1st deposit on the site, but sometimes there is no wagering requirement, so the casinos give it for free to the payers that only register on the site, for example.

How To Get A Welcome Bonus

Getting a welcome bonus on your account has never been so easy. All you need to do is check out whether the casino has a wagering requirement, read the T&C’s of the same and see the way you can grab the bonus.

Some of the modern and more famous casinos which have a ton of visitors on daily basis have this process automatized. All you need to do is a register, make the minimum deposit and it’s all going to be ready for you-you will find the welcome bonus amount in your account with whatever the welcome bonus is about (we will speak about the different types of welcome bonuses just below.

Some other casinos which are not that famous may have few steps before you can enjoy what the casino offers. Their support team will contact you when the offer is ready for you to play, and depending on the casino, it may take from several minutes up to several hours to start playing. This is why choosing the right casino can have an impact on your overall gameplay.

Types Of Welcome Bonuses

Now that you know what a welcome bonus is, you should also know that there are different types of welcome bonuses.

Every person in the world is triggered and hooked by different things. What may seem to be an inviting offer for one person may be rubbish for another one so you can choose the type of welcome bonus that you want to get by choosing different casinos that offer different promotions. Let’s take a look at them.

Standard Offer

The standard offer is the most common offer, as you would’ve guessed by the name. Here you can see something like 100% welcome bonus up to £500. This means that you will receive a double amount of what you will initially deposit up to £500. If the offer states 200% you would get even more, so check the welcome bonuses before jumping right in a casino.

Free Spins

Most of the people in the world enjoy the free spins welcome bonus the most. This welcome bonus is the second most spread around the online casinos and you can see something like 25 Free Spins.

It means that you will get the number of free spins that the casino states in their promotion for the minimum amount deposited.

You can use the free spins any time you want, for any game you want that the casino has (unless stated differently) and there is a special button to activate them during mid-play.

Special Offers / Hybrids

These offers are pretty new, and here you can see something different than what we sow now, or a mix from both standard offers and free spins. It looks something like this: 100% Bonus Up To £500 + 30 Free Spins.

These promotions are one of the most inviting ones, but what people misunderstand is that the hybrid promotions are offering only half of the “standard” bonus percentage and half the free spins compared to what the player would’ve gotten when taking only the other standard promotions. For example, if a casino offers 40 free spins and other one offered 200% up to £400 you would’ve gotten 20 free spins and 100% up to £200 or something around that with the hybrid promotions.

Game-based Offers

Some casinos want to stick to one game and offer promotions only for those games, and you should’ve seen an offer for Starburst like free spins or a certain amount of money that you can spend to play the game. This usually goes only for the best games that can be found on the internet, and starburst is definitely one of the most promoted ones.


Now that you have the answer to the question what is a welcome bonus, you can simply start playing and implement what you’ve learned so far. You can distinguish the different offers that the casinos give to the players, and you should also know (we suspect that you already do) that you can only get the offer of a certain casino only the first time you register. After that, you are in the hands of the casino and you can enjoy the different offers that they give away.

Best of luck with the casinos, and get the best welcome offer by closely investigating the casinos.

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