You’ve probably asked yourself the question “what is the best online slot machine to play” at a certain time of your slots-playing career. However, you should be aware, if you don’t already know, that there is no such thing as the best slot machine or online slots. Every slot machine has its own qualities and what could be considered the best slot machines for some, might be considered the worst for other.

As with all things in life, you should take many different features into consideration before deciding on what the best slot machine is for you and at which online casino you’ll spend your hard-earned money. Starting with the theme of the slot, its design, number of paylines, all the way to the payouts and ultimately the game’s jackpot, everything plays a vital role in deciding on which slot to spin.

Online Slot Themes

In the race of giving players the best gaming experience possible, software providers and developers have used probably every possible theme they could think off. However, you will notice that for some slot themes there is more interest, while others are not that popular. Whether you have a certain passion or interest, or you like spinning on slots that fit your mood, there are all kinds of slot themes to meet your needs.

Some of the recurring themes that you can find in online slots include certain mythologies, like those of Ireland, Egypt and Asia. Thus, it is very common to find slots featuring leprechauns, a sphynx or dragons on the reels of many online slot machines. Rainbow Riches series, Eye of Horus and 88 Fortunes are some of the best examples of these online slot machines.

Another popular theme in online slots is Las Vegas, the largest gambling destination in the Western Hemisphere. We can say with certainty that there is no online casino and slot site that doesn’t have at least one Las Vegas themed online slot machine. Whether it is a fruit-themed five-reel slot or a classic three-reel slot, all Vegas-themed slots aim at giving you the Vegas feeling on your screen.

Online Slot Design

If you’re looking for an answer to “what is the best online slot machine to play”, you cannot avoid the visual element of online slots. In their beginnings, online slots were very simple and had very basic design trying to replicate three-reel fruit machines from traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. Thus, there were online slots that displayed a three-reel fruit machine on their screen with identical gameplay and simple sound effects all bringing into mind physical slot machines.

With the development of online slots, inevitably came the development in slot design. Online slots started to follow their themes and software designers started designing all elements in the games with the theme in mind. Thus, today we have such games as Secrets of the Phoenix placed in some phantasy Aztec kingdom with South American symbols on the reels and “jungle” music keeping you company through the entire gameplay.

Number of Slot Paylines

As mentioned in the text above, one possible element of online slots when asking the question “what is the best online slot machine to play” is the number of paylines. As you may already know or don’t know, the early online slot machines tried to copy traditional floor-based fruit machines. Thus, they came with only three reels and a single payline. As the number of reels increased, so did the number of paylines in online slot machines.

Payline, as the term itself implies, is a line on a slot machine which includes a winning symbol combination of three or more identical symbols. Usually, online slots have 10, 20, 25 or 50 paylines, but there are some slots that offer up to 100 paylines in different directions. Some paylines start from left to right, others from right to left, yet other moves in a vertical direction or even diagonally.

If you want to find out information on paylines for a certain online slot machine, you can open that game’s paytable. The paytable can be viewed while in-play and you’ll be able to see the payout of each winning combination and all paylines on the reels.

Depending on the slot you choose to play, you can either select the number of active paylines or you’ll be playing automatically with all possible paylines. These two types of paylines in online slots are called adjustable and fixed, respectively. While some will advise you to play with the maximum number of paylines to get more frequent wins, others will tell you to play with a small number of active paylines to get as many spins for your money as possible.

Whatever your decision might be on this, you should always bear in mind that winning in slots is not something you can learn or achieve by using certain tips or tricks. Winning in online slots is pure luck and you should just enjoy the gameplay and pay attention to your bankroll.

What Is The Best Online Slot Machine To Play Out There?

Considering all we have mentioned in the text above, you should decide on this yourself. No two players of online video slots have the same preferences and what is considered the best slot machine by one, could be considered an average game by other. There is no such thing as the best online slot machine because all slots could have certain elements which could be considered the best.

If you are looking for fun while spinning on slots, then go for those machines that are based on your favourite film, mythology or superhero. If you want to have a chance at winning astonishing jackpots, go for progressive jackpots or even slot machines that have excellent payouts which could be considered in-game jackpots. If bonus features is the thing you are after when spinning, go for those slots that are jam-packed with bonus features and can give you an excellent gaming experience.

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