There is a difference in the Low Variance, Medium Variance and High Variance in the online slots playing, and in this article, we will cover as much as we can to enlarge your understanding in what is variance.

Many of the online slot players, and for this matter, the land-based machine lovers don’t really bother with the type of slot machine they are playing, at least from this perspective. They don’t want to know how the slot has been designed and only wish to start spinning the reels. The players don’t care how it has been structured to pay out and they don’t really care about the way they will find their favourite slot.

Whichever online slot game you choose will have a lot of unique bonus features, some surprises up its sleeves and will definitely entertain you, regardless o the theme or the type of bonus game. This may be a bad thing as there are some aspects of the slot that may put off players such as low valued jackpots or fixed coin values.

The thing which is known as the variance is one aspect of any slot game that can dramatically affect the way that slot games play and pay out its prizes. There are several online slot variances, and each slot has to have one of the following ones in the core of its development. You should always be looking for it when playing a slot and you should always be able to spot a slot that is going to play and pay in a certain way!

Low-Risk Low Variance Slot

Low Variance is the perfect variance for all the slot lovers who want to have a long session of playing slot – the longer it can possibly get. The best way to describe the low variance is a long session and low risk of losing big money as you will be spinning with lower denomination, because of the way these have been designed.

If you are one of the people that enjoy this type of slot game, you will find the jackpot on offer are modest, in other words, not so high as the progressive jackpots or the jackpots in the games with the High Variance – something which we will speak about below. This also affects all the winnings in the game, as the low variance slot games tend to have low valued winning combinations on the active paylines. These slots will make your account balance fluctuate and won’t let you fall down, but rather stay on the starting line and somewhere around it, which is not the case in the medium and high variance structured slots described below.

Medium Risk Medium Variance Slot

The most commonly found type of slot game available to play online are those known as medium variance slots, and these slots offer a more medium risk type of playing format and structure. While you play them, don’t expect a lot of surprises, random wins and a lot of positive results in the base game, as the risk is medium and so is the payout.

There are both high and low jackpots in this type of slot games. Also, the bonus features in these types of slots offer high and low cash type.

Let’s not forget that the slot games are games of luck and they have their risk and not every spin will be a winning one, of course. When you are playing the medium variance slots you have a fair chance of winning both the high and low payouts of the game, but unlike the lower variance slots, there won’t be so many lower valued winning combinations and will not be playing in a high-risk high reward type of way as the high variance slot games offer.

So, if you are something of a conservative online slot player and want a medium risk type of slot playing session then these types of games will be certainly worth your time. You will have a fair chance of winning some of the prizes there, an equal right to the highest payouts of the game just like the lowest.

There is one benefit with the low variance games, and those are perfect if you have a tendency to increase your bet and your intensity of playing. In this case, the low variance games will keep the low risk and low payouts but won’t let you lose greatly and will help you if you have any kind of addiction.

High-Risk High Variance Slot

I hate to say it, but you will need nerves of steel and a very large slot playing bankroll if you want to play the high variance slot games. The structure of the slots is in a way that all the payouts that are on the pay table are often offering really high prizes, sometimes beyond belief, and to get to those prizes you would need to invest a ton of money. But the main thing is that here you can get the most massive payout from all the slot games around, especially if all the paylines are activated, the coin value is set to the maximum, and you are playing with the highest denomination. To do this with one click, you can simply select Bet Max and it will do the job of managing the features and options of the game automatically.


To sum up what is variance and explain it in an understandable way, it’s a gate that opens while you play slots. The more the door opens, the more money you can get inside and more you can get out of the room.

It’s important to know your budget before choosing the game you want to play, as it will determine your goal and what you want to achieve – whether you are here for the entertainment of the slot or you are going after the big payout.

Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy the slot game, and remember, when the fun stops, stop playing.

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