The online slots world is very confusing to newcomers and every new player will have many questions regarding online casinos, slot games, gameplay, paylines, paytables, bonus features. We can say that playing online slots is pretty easy and straight-forward, and new players will get used to it quite easily and very fast. But, winning in online slot games can be a tough task. So if you are wondering “Where Can I Find The Best Beginners Guide To Online Slots?” you are on the right page, as we will provide you with very useful and helpful information in order to get you started as fast as we can. So, stay tuned and read our very in-depth review on the question where can I find the best beginners guide to online slots. We hope you’ll like it!

Online Slots Guide

So, as you probably know by now, every slot game consists of a number of reels. This number is usually three, five, seven or even nine. Each reel has symbols placed to it. The symbols are essential in this game as if you manage to land a winning combination of symbols, you will practically claim a win in the online slot game. Paylines, on the other hand, are essentially rows going from left to right and they are comprised of symbols. Slot games can have anywhere from at least one, up to 1,024 paylines.
The goal of the game is to align certain symbols on a payline which will result in a winning combination.
In many games, the symbols are based on the theme of the game, for example in the famous Book Of Dead Slot, the symbols are based on the Egyptian mythology and gods.
Many games include three types of symbols and they are categorized in the following order: low-valued, high-valued and special symbols. The first group, as the name says are the ones that pay the least for a winning combination, while the next group are more generous. The special symbols in the games include the wild, scatter, and bonus symbol. Triggering a winning combination of these can get you a round of free spins as well as trigger some bonus features which will probably give you nice winning amounts.

How To Play Online Slots

If you are eager to find out where can I find the best beginners guide to online slots, you should be patient, cause it is not an easy job to provide you with all the basics. But, be sure that we will give our absolute best in order to keep you satisfied.
The classical, retro fruit machines date back 100 years ago, first appearing and the UK and then quickly spreading all across the world. The online slots are rather new to the scene, appearing in the mid to late 1990’s, they were a copy of the Vegas-styled slots at first, but as technology progressed, they became more complex and ultimately more advanced. You can easily find online slots with 3 or 5 reels, and starting from 10 paylines up to 1,024, which is impressive. The bonus features are another addition to the online slots and they provide you with literally tons of opportunities to win some prestigious prizes awarded by the slots.
Whatever slot you decide to play, it is important to know that they ultimately work in the same way, albeit with slight differences between software developers.
Although we will cover this in a subheader below, for now, it is important to note that there are free-to-play online slot games (also called demo versions), as well as online slots for real money.

Online Slots Symbols

As mentioned before, there are three types of symbols occurring in online slot games. In this section, we will describe in details, the special symbols of online slot games.
So basically there are three kinds of special symbols that appear in the online slots game world: Wild symbols, scatter symbols and bonus symbols.
Wild Symbols – these are special symbols that basically replace all other symbols except for the scatter, and their purpose is to make ways for you to claim more wins.
Scatter Symbols – if you manage to land a given number of these symbols on an active payline, then you practically trigger the free spins, bonus features or other additional features based on the slot.

Online Slots Features

So, previously we described the symbols and how they trigger certain features. In this section of the review we will describe the extra features found in many online slot games. So, basically there are four different slots features. Those are:
Multipliers – This feature will multiply your payouts.
Free Spins – This bonus feature will practically give you extra spins for which you don’t have to pay any actual money
Bonus Games – This bonus feature is probably the thing you should look for in a slot, because you are awarded with instant wins or you are taken to a bonus game where lucrative prizes are waiting for you.
Gamble Feature – This is a rather rare feature included in certain games, which allows you to double your wins. But be careful here, as you can lose all of your wins in a blink of an eye.

Can You Win On Online Slots

The answer is short – Of course you can! But you should carefully consider the fact that winning a slot game is a matter of pure luck. There aren’t slot games that require your skills, meaning that it is all up to how lucky you are against the Random Numbers Generator. This is a mathematical machine that keeps slots random. The jackpots in certain online slots are rare, but if you win a jackpot – the online slot games have made sure that the jackpots are very valuable and the prizes are big. The faster you realize the fact that winnings in online slots are pure luck, the better it is for you, cause you won’t get angry playing online slots, cause their mission is to keep you entertained.

There you have it! Everything about the question “Where Can I Find The Best Beginners Guide To Online Slots?” All the basics that you should know about online slot games. It is up to you to try some of the games and who knows, maybe you are the one that will land some of the abovementioned attractive jackpots.

So, it is time to turn the theory into practice and play some real slots. Good luck!

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