Always remember that when you’re playing a slot game you are not the only person who is playing that it. There are probably plenty of others who are playing that same game, both in the same time, but also in general. Over the course of a month, or a year, there can be thousands, even hundreds of thousands who have played the same game. Plus, in one session you usually don’t play just one spin, most players would set the reels to spin at least several, or even dozens of times. Therefore, it is important to know how much money does a casino return to its players, in the form of winnings. And that’s what the RTP tells us. In the case of the Zeus 1000 RTP, the specific figure indicates the theoretical long-term returns for this slot.

Zeus 1000 Slot Review

Zeus 1000 RTP Explained

There are a lot of slot games that use Zeus’s name, and that only tells us how popular this theme is and how well it resonates with players. Zeus 1000 was developed by WMS, and it is a pretty decent choice, both in terms of the Zeus 1000 RTP, but also considering all game features and options. Zeus 1000 is available at Secret Slots, and if you want to get familiar with this game and have a chance to experience it fully, check our Zeus 1000 slot review and learn everything about this slot.

Some claim that the name Zeus 1000 stems from the 1,000-coin jackpot that this game offer, and while WMS haven’t released information on why they chose this particular name, it has to be said that the 1000 jackpot theory makes a lot of sense. When a game offers a jackpot that’s 1,000 coins, you are probably aware that the chances of you hitting that jackpot aren’t too high. However, you might not know how big those chances are exactly, or generally speaking, how favourable a game is, do you have any realistic chances of winning?

Significance Of RTP

That is the purpose of the RTP. The game developer sets the RTP percentage when the game is created and then the game algorithm, the random number generator that powers the game is set to produce random outcomes which would reflect the game RTP. So, in the case where the RTP percentage is 95%, that means that if £100,000 are wagered on the game, the casino, or all casinos that offer the game will return £95,000 to the players, as £95K is 95% of £100K.

We mentioned that the percentage is theoretical, so it is calculated in the long run, and the calculation is based on millions of virtually simulated spins. So, you shouldn’t worry too much about the RTP, as its particular effect on your gaming session might not be too severe, but it is still good to know the exact figure for the game that you’re playing. In the case of Zeus 1000 RTP, the percentage is 96% and that places the game among the more favourable online slots.  

Slot Details

  • Software WMS
  • Paylines 100
  • Reels 5
  • Min Coins Per Line 1
  • Max Coins Per Line 1
  • Jackpot 1
  • RTP 96.00
  • Free Spins Yes