There are many fans out there of an adrenaline rush, fast driving, interesting cars and hitting the road. If those fans also share a mutual connection and love for gambling and playing online slots, then it’s time to give 5 Reel Drive Slot a try. This online slot game is significant as it was primarily developed as a mobile only game, but you can play it at Secret Slots, regardless whether you’re playing on your mobile device or your desktop computer.

5 Reel Drive Slot is a game is an online video game developed by Microgaming, and it possesses five reels and nine paylines that are at your disposal. To spin the reels, you need to fill out the registration form positioned on the right-hand side, and you will be taken to our casino where welcome bonuses await you on your first deposit. If you don’t know how these bonuses work, check out our explanation on What Is A Sign-Up Bonus.

5 Reel Drive Slot Overview

I never expected that driving around can be so fun, and especially after realising that the maximum amount that you can win in 5 Reel Drive Slot is 10,000 coins. This is a game without a particular theme, but it still looks quite refreshing with its chips, burgers, dice, police cars and what not.

We already mentioned that this is a Microgaming slot, so you can expect refined graphics, interesting features, playful reels and everything else you can expect from a neatly done slot game.


The design is pretty straightforward here. If you’re unsure what we mean by that, let’s give you a basic description of what’s going on on the reels and what do they look like.  The reels are white, as a contrast to the colourful symbols, while the background behind the reels is red and blue, just like the police siren car that you can also see on the reels. The top of the reels is for the game’s logo, while the sides are for the paylines.

On the bottom of the screen, you can find the Coins, the Bet, your Win and the magical Spin button.

How to Play 5 Reel Drive Slot

5 Reel Drive Slot is a relatively simple game to play, it is pretty straightforward. If you have ever played an online slot, you will find 5 Reel Drive to be pretty hassle-free in terms of functionality. The game comes with five reels and nine paylines. To start spinning the reels, you need to fill in the registration form positioned on the right side of this review, and it will take you to our casino. There, you will need to make the first deposit, as expected, and once you do that, you are eligible for the welcome bonus that the Casino offers, so make sure you take that as your reward and facilitator towards the most lucrative wins that 5 Reel Drive Slot offers.

After that’s done, set the denomination which is with a range from £2.25 and goes all the way up to £90.00. The best thing about 5 Reel Drive Slot is that the game comes with a 10,000 maximum in game jackpot! The potential winnings are increased proportionately with the wagers, but you need to be careful if you’re considering wagering a higher amount per spin.

To set the highest denomination, hit the “Bet Max” button on the bottom of the screen. This will set the coin value and the denomination all the way to the maximum, and it will also activate all of the paylines that this game possesses. Although it’s a big bite, be careful with this feature, as it might lose all of your money pretty fast. If you are without a plan or a limit for your cash, we suggest you neglect this feature completely.

On the other hand, there is an “Auto Play” button, which sets the reels of 5 Reel Drive Slot spinning automatically, with you only setting the denomination and the number of auto spins before the feature starts. Sit back and relax your index finger while the game spins the reels for you and fills your stake with whopping rewards. You can always cancel the feature and proceed with the manual spinning of the reels.


The symbols in 5 Reel Drive Slot are lovely and colourful. There are a range of symbols all related to the theme and these include a burger, a yellow taxi, a coffee/doughnut, a coke, a pair of fluffy dice, a red truck, a slice of blueberry pie, a portion of chips, a pink Cadillac and a burning tyre/chequered flag. A veritable cornucopia of Americana.

To make things more interesting, there is a Wild symbol which will participate in the winning combinations and be a substitute for all the normal symbols that appear on the reels of 5 Reel Drive Slot. The scatter generates payouts when it lands anywhere on the reels, not just on a winning combination or a payline.

Sadly, 5 Reel Drive Slot doesn’t have bonus features, but you can acquire free spins in the form of a welcome bonus on our casino site!

Our 5 Reel Drive Review

5 Reel Drive Slot is a pretty unique slot game developed by Microgaming. They have always known how to impress the players and the slot lovers, and always have a plan of their slot games. The game RTP is 96.35%, which sets it slightly higher than most other online slots, as the average RTP percentage is about 95%. If you have ever played a game by Microgaming, you are probably aware that their games usually feature a higher RTP percentage compared to most other online slots, so that’s one of the key reasons behind their popularity. Even, if you haven’t played a slot by Microgaming before, this is a good chance for you to try one of their top titles.

Fill in the form on the right side and become eligible for some of the welcome bonuses found on our site, depending on which one is active at the moment.

Slot Details

  • Software Microgaming
  • Paylines 9
  • Reels 5
  • Min Coins Per Line 2.25
  • Max Coins Per Line 90.00
  • Jackpot x10000
  • RTP 96.35
  • Free Spins No