Progressive slots are a thing of their own. We could call them a world within the world of online slots, which are an intrinsic world within the world of online casinos. It may appear convoluted, but it isn’t, because progressive slots are fun to play if you ever ask yourself whether is it fun to play the progressive type of online slots?

Progressive Slots Are Popular

Why are progressive slots so popular? The answer is so obvious that it makes little sense in stating the obvious but here it is: because they come loaded with lots and lots of cash that could be won by the players – like amounts to the tune of seven figures in many instances. And even if the progressive slot does not have seven figures on the ticker, it has six, and that is still good enough of a reason to pick your favorite progressive slot and play on it every once in a while or with few spins per every day or two.

So what exactly are progressive slots? These are regular slots games that usually have five reels and three rows. They have jackpots but also one distinguishing difference – they are all connected across multiple casinos that belong to different parent companies. The reason being is that players can play at any given casino, and share in the prize. The progressive slot sources part of the wagers and distributes it across the entire network of casinos. This explains why the prizes are enormous and why there are thousands of players on the progressive jackpots at any given time.

How Do Progressive Slots Work?

Lets take for example the progressive slot Mega Moolah. It is made by one developer studio but it isn’t exclusive to only one casino or a group of casinos that belong to the same company. That’s the advantage of progressive slots – they provide not just potential prizes but also the sense of participating in a greater scheme of things – call it an unknown community if you will – that of progressive slots players. And it works.

There are progressive slots winners and progressive slots contributors. You may notice eventually that as a progressive jackpot is claimed and the amount drops to the seed level, soon enough it will start picking up as many of the players believe that that online slot is hot at the moment and it will be only a matter of time before someone claims the jackpot again.

Whether this is true is hard to conclude because the casinos do not release information that gives out personal details, as it should be, but some casinos do state when a progressive jackpot has been won. It has happened before that the same slot will yield to another winner. It could happen at the same casino or at another one, but it has happened and we are inclined to believe that the progressive slots may have a random spell of generating the jackpot winning combination.

Is It Fun To Play The Progressive Type of Online Slots Any Time?

The question is, does that answer your question whether is it fun to play the progressive type of online slots just yet? In all likelihood, it will have sufficed just few lines to answer that question, but it is certainly more fun when you find out how actually complex the network of progressive slots is. Just as there are multiple titles, each one has to be linked to the other at another online casino. That’s the part of the answer for Information Technology professionals, but you get the idea.

What is left for you to discover next is some progressive jackpot titles, because we already concluded that progressive jackpots are indeed lots and lots of fun to play and explore. So if you haven’t one of your own, it is time to consider few titles, try them, see how you like the gameplay, the graphics and the theme, and make that particular game your favorite progressive jackpot slot.

What are the Progressive Jackpot Slots?

For starters, let’s say that there are about a dozen progressive jackpot slots that are most often played. There are more, but not all are found on attractive gaming platforms. Nothing to sweat about, as the ones we have right here on SlotsWise are the true progressive jackpot slots that you need in this world.

Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot Slot

We mentioned the Mega Moolah slot first and we shall describe it first in the list of progressive jackpot titles. The theme of this game is a combination of animals and African safari. That may be a little bit off the mark because the title suggest deserts and arabic culture because of the word ‘moolah’ but hey, who are we to tell the Microgaming professionals how to style their slots! What counts here is that there have been few progressive jackpot amounts that have been one. Most have been a seven-figure affair, so check out this game’s review and claim the welcome bonus right from this page to play it.

Mega Fortune Slot Progressive Jackpot Slot

What we have here is a wealth-themed game made by Net Entertainment. The five reels and three rows on this slot have a Mega Wheel of Fortune that displays an array of prizes that can be won in the bonus game. You will play with symbols such as a limo, diamond cufflinks, expensive wine, a yacht, diamond-studded jewelry and so on. The top prize fluctuates but be certain that at any given time the amount will hover around the 1,000,000 mark, but realistically, a lot more than that.

Genie Jackpots Progressive Jackpot Slot

The Middle-Eastern Bazaar and/or Harem themed slot by Blueprint Gaming is a progressive jackpot game. It features the genie in the lamp who is eager to rub it the right way and release some interesting prizes. What is more, the game has a progressive jackpot that can be triggered on the five reels and 20 paylines. You will find symbols that are pleasing to the eyes as well as bonus features that include several variants of the Free Spins feature, such as: Genie Wilds and Respin; Genie Wilds and All Pays Double and Infectious Monkey Wilds. Check out what we have to say in our guide to Genie Jackpots slot and claim your welcome bonus to play this game.

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