Slingo Extreme Overview

Here comes the latest game of Slingo – Slingo Extreme. The game that is giving both slots and bingo a run for their money is precisely Slingo – which is a combination of both. The origins of slingo go way back (well, not that long ago really) to 1994 when Sal Falciglia invented the game. Twenty four years later the game has its digital version in the form of online and land-based slingo. Now almost all good online casinos feature the several pioneering variants and brands of the game.

Thus far we have added Love Island Slingo, Rainbow Riches Slingo, Britain’s Got Talent Slingo, Big Money Slingo and now it is time for Slingo Extreme.

Some of these titles have their own design features and gameplay details that make them unique. These are Big Money Slingo and Rainbow Riches where you get visual candies and gameplay details that give a slight twist to the base game of slingo. Extreme Slingo is different from these two because it features just a regular design and does not have any pots and whistles. You get a full-blown slingo action which, although paced, can be as thrilling as pretty much any typical online slot out there.

What is Slingo?

A word on online slots and bingo. Yes we know and everybody knows that slots and bingo are all the rage. Now that there are thousands of slots that can be played online, this sport has acquired a look and feel of its own, with the following to match. There are thousands of bingo players that have moved from the bingo halls to online bingo rooms. We get the feels for the bingo halls, but digital is winning over factual. That is the fact. The same is true for slots. Although land-based casino did not feel a destructive blow on the scale of bingo halls, this industry is indeed impacted by the online revolution. Here comes Slingo into the picture. This ingenious game captures the essence of slots and bingo and here here it is how the game is played online.

How to Play Slingo Extreme

Like we said, Slingo combines the best of both worlds. The reel set is a grid of five by five that is the staging ground of the 95 ball bingo variant. The actual reel-set consists of one row and five reels. This is where the numbers are generated which are then marked on the reel-set. This is done automatically, so you need not worry that you may have missed a number.

Just like in a bingo hall (or room) there is the tombola bowl that delivers the balls which then give the bingo numbers. This is just an animated gameplay that puts the balls through the tube to make things more entertaining. The player clicks the button to let in each of the 11 balls that are gotten with one “spin”. The reels may display three additional symbols besides the numbers. There could be a joker – which is the wild card that substitutes for any number on the grid; the devil simply removes the outcome of one number appearing on the reels; and there is a coin stack which grants the player a random sum of money.

How to Win Slingo Extreme

Winning the game is matter of luck. How many of the numbers on the grid are going to be uncovered by the reel? The outcomes for the various wins are different, but one thing is sure, and it is that there is a probability to win any of it, from just one line and all the way to a full house. Winning a full house means that you have marked all of the numbers during your spins.

The winnings, or “slingos” in Slingo Extreme are counted as clearing one full horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. You can receive a joker or a super joker winnings when you land three such symbols. In that event, you will get £70 for three regular jokers and £100 if there is a super joker in the combination. Whenever you land one or few slingo lines you will notice that the winnings have been marked on the scale which is on the left-hand side. The great thing about Slingo is that once you have expanded the 11 spins and you have made a serious progress on the grid, you can buy additional spins.

Now, the more fields you mark the more expensive the additional spins are going to become. Let’s say there are two fields which haven’t been marked. Surely, you can take another spin to aim for the top prize. If you have wagered the first 11 spins on £100, the extra turn will cost you about £10,000 because you would be playing for the jackpot of £50,000. Playing on smaller amounts per the 11 spins will result in less costly extra turns.

Concluding Remarks

Slingo Extreme is just like most other slingo games. It plays both like slot and bingo and because of that the gameplay is paced and measured and delivers good fun. Unlike slots, Slingo Extreme doesn’t entail fast turning of the reels which could sometime last mere minutes before you have played all of your funds. With Slingo Extreme it is pretty laid back. You need to click the Spin button with every ball that is to come out from the tombola.

Although the smallest wager may seem a bit bigger than your typical slots machine, which could be set to play for pennies, the slingo game starts at a quid or two and can be played for as much as £100 for one round. The winnings though are another story, with a top prize of £50,000, but you need to really really luck to get there. Still, the smaller amounts are not small by many people’s standards. If you haven’t tried Slingo, give it a shot, you may like it as much as bingo and slots combined.

Slot Details

  • Software Slingo Originals
  • Paylines 5
  • Reels 5
  • Min Coins Per Line 0.50
  • Max Coins Per Line 100
  • Jackpot 50,000
  • RTP 92.50%
  • Free Spins Yes