Gamers are used to try out games in demo mode before they decide whether the game in question is worthy of their attention or not. Unlike slots, conventional video games usually come with a very limited demo version, where just few features are offered. These demo versions are aimed to convince the players that the game is good and sound. Slots demo versions are a lot more detailed, in fact, there aren’t any limitations, they completely match the real money versions, with just one notable exception. So, for instance, if you play Slingo Extreme demo, you will be able to experience the game in its entirety.

Slingo Extreme Basic Features

Slingo Extreme is basically just that – a slingo game taken to the extreme. You will see much faster and more dynamic action compared to other slingo games, but even compared to other slots. There have been more than few slingo game releases in the past few months, and Slingo Extreme is at the very top.

Slingo games are quite unique and special, and perhaps, that’s the main reason why so many players love them. The action happens a lot faster, there are a lot of twists and you get to make decisions during the game. You will be in a position to wager more if you are to play for higher prizes. You have to understand how the game works so you will be in a position to make decisions and know when to up your wager and when it’s time to start the bonus level you’ve reached.

In Slingo Extreme demo you can access and activate all features that are otherwise available in the Slingo Extreme real money version. If you like to know about Slingo Extreme, what the game is all about, how it works, what symbols are featured, how the bonus features are activated and a lot more, check our full and detailed Slingo Extreme review.

Play Slingo Extreme Demo

Advantages Of Slingo Extreme Demo

Once you get the feel and see how slingo games work, you will realise how exciting and entertaining they are. Slingo games are really refreshing, they unite the best of both worlds, so if you’re a fan of both bingo games and slots, you will definitely enjoy playing slingo games.

Start Slingo Extreme demo and you will notice that it’s not symbols, but numbers that appear on the reels. A winning combination is formed when all numbers across a line, row or a diagonal line. The more winning combinations you clear, the higher the amount that you’ll win will be. If you play with £2 per game, you can get up to £1,000 for a full house.

If you haven’t played slingo before, it may seem complicated so, trying it out in demo mode first, is a pretty good option. Use your virtual funds as you like and see how the game responds. Don’t try to make calculations and predictions though, it is entirely random.

When you’re ready to play Slingo Extreme with real money, just register with Secret Slots, claim your bonus and start playing Slingo Extreme. You can check our other games as well!

Slot Details

  • Software Slingo Originals
  • Paylines 5
  • Reels 5
  • Min Coins Per Line 0.50
  • Max Coins Per Line 100
  • Jackpot 50,000
  • RTP 92.50%
  • Free Spins Yes