Slingo Extreme is one of the slingo games that emerged since this game appeared in the world of online casinos. For those who haven’t been up to date with events, slingo is the next thing. It has become suddenly popular and there is a reason why its popularity is still keeping the players amused. We are not saying that it will ever replace slots, because slingo is a thing in its own right, but it will certainly hold its own in the time ahead.

Before begin with the matter of Slingo Extreme jackpot winners, we will address the details that make up a slingo game.

How To Play Slingo Extreme

Unlike the slots, slingo doesn’t need any setting up. You simply select your bet by pushing the plus or minus buttons that are located in the bottom left corner. Doing this will alter the amounts of the prizes that underscore how much you stand to win when filling the corresponding number of lines on the slingo board.

Once you have decided on your bet, that is the amount that will give you 11 spins. To start the game push the Start button in the bottom right corner, and off you are figuring out where to use the joker symbols whenever they occur. One caveat is that you can’t pick just any number on the board, rather those numbers that are highlighted.

There are two other symbols that appear besides the numbers: the devil and the free spin token. The devil symbol is a blocker that stops a number of appearing on the reel, while the free spins token is self explanatory.

How To Win Slingo Extreme

Winning this or any other game of slingo is a matter of chance. Just like bingo and slots, slingo works as a probability machine with its random number generator. That being said, luck is what you need and luck does occur sometimes, so the top prize for the Full House, based on the winning wager, is entirely possible.

For example, if you play with £4 then the prize for winning the full house is £2000. However, if you win just one line you will salvage £0.40 from your wager, and if you get two lines it’s going to be £0.80. In order to win back the wagered amount, you will have to win four lines.

When it comes to winning the lines, you can land horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines, but the game can also be extended if you win the free spins token. Another way to extend the game is if you are willing to pay for additional spins. This makes sense if you want to be one of the Slingo Extreme jackpot winners, but are few fields from clearing the entire grid, in which case you can purchase additional spins but these will cost a lot more to justify for the possibility of winning the top prize.

Slingo Extreme Jackpot Winners

The full house is the way to go. If you play the most expensive wager of £100 the amount of a full house prize is £50,000. You can select smaller amounts and still potentially win big and in our book, winning the £25,000 with a £50 bet is also becoming one of the Slingo Extreme jackpot winners.

Slot Details

  • Software Slingo Originals
  • Paylines 5
  • Reels 5
  • Min Coins Per Line 0.50
  • Max Coins Per Line 100
  • Jackpot 50,000
  • RTP 92.50%
  • Free Spins Yes