Can you imagine how many players are looking for their favorite online slot? And can you just imagine that there are hundreds of casinos out there that all together offer few thousand slot games? It is true, the world of online slots is vast and there are lots of excellent slots that may capture your interest, but which are the best? We put the abundance of online slots into perspective just so that the curious slots players become aware of the amazing history of this phenomenon. This is also related to finding the right online slot game to call your favorite and run with it as a platform where to test the vestiges of your luck and that may or it may not be related to the matter of What Casino Game Has The Highest Payout!

To answer this burning question we will look into few things that comprise a slot game, such as the Return to Player ratio, the Random Number Generator, the Odds at winning a slot game, the jackpot, progressive jackpot and the paytable. So let’s go on a nice ride across the information that will satisfy any slots and technology nerd out there.

What Is A Payout On A Slot Machine?

The payout is the amount of the total winnings that a player can score by a single turn of the reels. This is an amount that can be in the pennies or in the millions – it all depends of the slot game that you are playing, and that has decided to grant you the winning combination and the stroke of luck that triggers subsequent bonuses that in the end will give the aggregate amount of the score.

Naturally, there are online slots machines that count for high volatility, low volatility and medium volatility, which are values attributed according to the slot’s return to player theoretical probability outcome. So when asking what casino game has the highest payout, we need to be certain that we are asking what slots are able to pay out the highest amounts of cash, versus which are the highest return to player probabilities.

What Is Return To Player Probability?

The return to player outcome in casino lingo is simply abbreviated RTP. This is a percentage amount of the money played that will be theoretically returned to the player in the form of payouts. It should be noted that there is determined number of turns on the reels from which the player can expect that amount to be paid. It is in all likelihood a random occurrence of winnings that will happen over the course of time.

An example can put this into perspective. Let’s say you take 90 turns on a slot game today. During these, you can get a number of smaller winnings, say £1 and near the last few turns score a big amount on a slot game that has an RTP of 96.30%. According to the theoretical outcome, you will get back 96.30 percent of the money over time, but it isn’t specified when. If could be that you will score a jackpot amount in the first few spins, or it could be that the slot is not inclined to paying, or it pays small amounts every ten or twenty spins.

As we can see, the random number generator is fully adept to randomizing the paying outcomes, so it is always necessary to take the correct approach to playing slots, knowing that it is a game of chance, meaning, the outcomes ride on sheer luck. So when asking what casino game has the highest payout, you should know that it is always a matter of luck winning one.

What is Random Number Generator?

The random number generator is a mathematical program that lines up scores of number sequences that can be in the billions. With each turn of the reels the RNG creates a new starting point and a new ending point. To the number sequences that stop with the turn (it usually takes a second or so) are attached the winning outcomes. In other words, this is the fail-proof randomized way of turning out winnings on the online slots. It guarantees that a winning combination can never be known ahead of time and based on the previous outcome on the reel set.

Which Online Slots Have The Highest Payouts

This question should be further broken down – the question is, what type of online slots pay the most. The answer to that question is straightforward. It is the jackpot slots that can deliver massive amounts, anywhere from 10,000 coins to prizes in six figures. However, it is the progressive online slots that deliver the meanest, baddest winnings out there.

The Progressive Jackpot slots are tied together in a network that is spanned across a number of casinos. All of the deposit in the game, the winnings and the losses end up in the same pot. This is where the progressive jackpot is stored, no matter where you play. It is said that all roads lead to Rome – the same is true for these type of slots games. When you play, no matter at which casino and where in the world you are located, playing on a specific slot game of this kind will feed into the jackpot until someone wins it. This gets us closer to the matter of what casino game has the highest payout.

What Online Casino Game Has The Highest Payout?

The online slots with the highest payouts are the progressive slots. There is a number of these that are currently in the millions. Such games are Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah, Arabian Nights, Millionaire Genie, Major Millions, Pirates Millions Jackpot, Fluffy Favourites Mega Jackpot and so on.

Online slots that are not progressive jackpot games, yet offering a regular jackpot – which is a hefty prize nonetheless – can be found at Secret Slots and are the following: Wish Upon A Jackpot, Once Upon a Dime Jackpot, Millionaire Genie, White Wizard Jackpot, Gods of Gold Jackpot, Fluffy Favourites Jackpot and other.

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